THE TREAT are one of the best bands to emerge in this millenium, on the music scene in the UK. Drawing from a broad range of styles, THE TREAT play their own unique, colourful  brand of classic rock, progressive rock and psychedelic music. Their genre hopping, independent spirit has been capturing the imagination of more and more listeners, providing the band with an opportunity to appeal to a pan generational audience. THE TREAT’s sound is by turns passionate, exhilarating, fun, dark, melodic and joyous.

The Treat’s Guitarist, Vocalist & Songwriter, Mike Hyder, formed the group in March 2001, initially fashioning the group as a power trio, influenced by Cream. The band worked on a set of original songs, broadly of a ‘classic rock’ style, to which they brought their own unique twists. THE TREAT spent 2002 gigging extensively all around the UK playing many well know venues, such as The Zodiac in Oxford, Moles Club in Bath & Half Moon, Borderline & Underworld in London. The band spent 2003 recording and releasing their debut album ‘IN TECHNICOLOR’. The album gained rave reviews from various webzines in the UK and overseas, and extensive radio airplay on the world wide web. The single ‘Agent 555’ from the album, spent 10 weeks at number 1 on the ‘Magazine’ programme’s listener’s chart on the London based Skywave Radio. Line -up changes followed, with versatile Bassist, Dom Lash, entering the fold, to add weight to the already ambitious ideas Mike Hyder was cooking up for the group. 2004 was spent rehearsing up a new batch of songs Mike had been writing for the band, this time of a broader musical palette, which included influences from the world of prog rock and psychedelia, while retaining their core, classic rock sound. In addition, THE TREAT continued to promote ‘IN TECHNICOLOR’ throughout this period.

2005 was a pivotal year for THE TREAT. An abortive attempt was made to begin recording their second album in the Spring. By the time work properly began on the album in the Summer, Mike had an extensive backlog of songs, enough for two albums, so the group decided to record their second and third albums, more or less over the same period. When Multi-Instrumentalist, Dave Hart joined the group in the Autumn, Mike’s artistic ambitions for the band went into orbit. Now fashioning the group as a modern ‘Traffic’, with acoustic and electric sides, Mike Hyder’s song writing blossomed, taking in influences from the world of folk, blues, ethnic/world music, jazz, funk, & country, in addition to their already established forays into prog, psyche & classic hard rock.

2006, 2007 & 2008 were spent extensively writing, arranging, rehearsing & recording many new songs, some of which ended up on their breakthrough, second album, ‘PHONOGRAPHY’. The band heavily promoted the album in 2008, their labour paying off with a glorious review in Classic Rock magazine. Other national UK music magazines followed, singing praises for the album and the band. The TREAT also signed a digital download distribution deal with an American company via their label Rockular Recordings, making their music available on itunes, Napster, Amazon mp3 & Rhapsody. In the Autumn of 2008, they signed a CD distribution deal with UK distributors, Code 7/PHD, making their music available on Amazon, Play & various high street shops, such as HMV & WHSmith.


THE TREAT started 2009 off with a bang, by winning Top 3 best album of the year for ‘PHONOGRAPHY’, from BCFM radio's Rock Show (Bristol, UK) and being  championed further in the pages of Classic Rock Magazine, who tipped THE TREAT as being one of the best up and coming bands to watch out for in 2009!. The group were also played on Radio 1. In addition, they have also been heavily championed in the pages of a brand new publication, called  ‘PROG’. THE TREAT’s music was included on the cover mount CD’s of the first two issues of the mag. In the Summer, THE TREAT unveiled their third album. A highly ambitious and extravagant double, their magnum opus, ‘AUDIO VERITE/DECEPTIVE BLENDS’.


Upon it’s release, the new album received overwhelming critical praise. It also sold faster than the band's preceding albums, raising further, their public profile nationally (and internationally in selected territories). The album was given significant exposure on selected radio shows in the UK, notably, ARFM’s ‘Soundscapes’ programme, BCFM’s ‘Rock Show’ & on the longest running rock & metal show in Belgium, ‘Underground’. Hits to THE TREAT’s website at increased significantly and 100’s of new friends were made on THE TREAT’s myspace site at


The remaider of 2009 and the following three years saw THE TREAT and the rest of the UK and the world weather the effects of an economic downturn and austerity. Further, Dom Lash moved to New York for a spell and Dave Hart relocated back to Dundee (Scotland). Live gigs for THE TREAT came to a stop but Mike Hyder continued to soldier on, writng songs and working on the next album. Dom returned to live in the UK and Dave regularly travelled to Oxford allowing recording to continue sparodically. The results were well worth the effort. In November 2012, THE TREAT released arguably their best colection of songs yet, on 'LEPERS & DEITIES'. Tha album was selected as album of the month in the Prog section of Classic Rock Magazine by Geoff Barton and received widespread critical praise in numerous magazine publications and online webzines. It has proven to be a consistent seller for THE TREAT, especially on itunes and other legal downloading sites, worldwide. THE TREAT began to play live concerts again, albeit, intermittently.


In 2013 Mike began to remix the original masters for the very first album 'IN TECHNICOLOR' and also set to work recording a solo album, 'CRAFTSMAN', using the core members of THE TREAT to back him. THE TREAT also appeared at the Cambridge Rock Festival in August 2013 , winning over new fans and supporters.


2014 was another busy year. In May, Mike Hyder released his solo album 'CRAFTSMAN' to rave reviews and significant radio exposure. Then he compiled a 'Best of' collection of songs taken from the first four albums by THE TREAT. The resulting album, 'SOUND BITES (The Best Of The Treat Volume 1)' was released in November 2014. Containing 16 tracks, over 1 hours worth of music, 3 brand new mixes of songs from the first album, 1 previously unreleased radio edit mix, a 36 page full colour booklet, song lyrics, an extended history of the band written by Mike and numerous previously unpublished photos of the band, this album is an ideal document for die hard fans and for newcomers to THE TREAT's work, containing songs showing their range and skills as musicians and Mike Hyder's broad style of songwriting. 


Personal situations in the last few months of 2014, resulted largely in a three and a half year hiatus away from music, for Mike Hyder, and prevented him from devoting as much time to THE TREAT as he would have liked. In spite of dealing with an ongoing number of personal issues, Mike continued to record and organise sessions, sparodically in the latter half of 2015 and in earnest throughout 2016 to complete the next album by THE TREAT. Also, in 2016, THE TREAT made several videos - notably for the songs 'Agent 555', 'Roaming' and 'Valerie' - all featured on the album 'SOUND BITES'.

In 2017, a paired down acoustic version of THE TREAT, comprising of Mike Hyder and Dave Hart, performed a series of concerts throughout the year, in the UK. They also played their first overseas engagement at a feastival in Italy. This gave THE TREAT the opportunity to perform some new material from the forthcoming album, as well as rearranging some older material. A very enjoyable experience all around.

In 2018, with his personal situations largely sorted out, Mike Hyder set to work writing and recording his next solo album 'Wood & Steel'. The acoustic duo version of THE TREAT took up a residency at The Robin Club in Wolverhampton, where they opend the show for, among others, The Grandmothers of Invention (Frank Zappa's old band), Corky Laing of Mountain and the Welsh rockers, Man. Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages for Mike Hyder were also set up.

2019 proved to be a particularly fruitful year for THE TREAT. March saw the release of Mike Hyder's latest solo album, 'Wood & Steel' to excellent reviews and support. 3 videos were made for singles off the album - notably 'Don't Look Behind You', 'Continental Woman' and 'On The Buses'. For the first time an outside radio plugger was hired to help promote the album. Tracks from the album were playlisted on more than 250 radio stations in the UK, mainland Europe and world wide. Mike Hyder made several jingles for specialist radio and played his first solo, acoustic show, to launch the album, in Oxford, at the well known local venue, 'The Cellar'. Mike also spent the first few months finishing off the recording and mixing of the next album by THE TREAT. 'Global Warning/The Good Earth', the latest double album, magnum opus by THE TREAT was finally released in September to rave reviews and healthy sales. Featuring more than 100 minutes of music, 30 tracks and a broad range of styles acorss 2 CDs, this is quite possibly THE TREAT's most ambitious album to date. A track off the album - 'In The Clouds' was featured on the cover mount CD of the bumber Christmas edition of the British music magazine R'n'R, along with an advert. All this was accompanied by intense ongoing promotion and marketing on social media for both the new Mike Hyder album and the album by THE TREAT. By the end of the year CD sales figures had increased by 7.5 times on the preceding year and by 3.5 times on downloads and streams.

2020 has started off with a bang, with Mike Hyder sending a copy of THE TREAT's new album 'Global Warning/The Good Earth' to the British Prime Minister, the Rt. Honourable Boris Johnson MP, outlining the lyrical contents of the album and the current national (and inernational), social pulse the album taps into. Mike also expressed his concerns of the social, economic and politcal state of Britain today. The Prime Minister responded back! So, the uppermost echolons of government of one of the most historically powerful nations has a copy of THE TREAT's new album, nestled near his Hi-Fi.  A track off the album is on the covermount CD of the current issue of the British music magazine, Prog. 'Autumn's Reflection', is one of the lengthier, proggier tracks on the album and judging by the sudden hike in sales figues of the album in the last week, music lovers have taken a shine to it, in a big way. There's also a little write up about THE TREAT in the magazine as well. Expect another track on the next covermount of Prog magazine, as the promotional campaign for the album continues. The campaign to promote Mike Hyder's 'Wood & Steel' album worldwide also continues this year, with a current focus on the North American market.

To summarise, since their inception, THE TREAT have evolved & progressed artistically & musically and although their core classic rock sound remains, it’s now liberally sprinkled with touches of prog, psychedelia, folk, ethnic, jazz & blues influences, all topped off with a top notch songwriting prowess and a nod towards pop sensibilities and tight, concise production. Though their major influences are from the golden decades of the 60s and 70s, THE TREAT manage to bring their own unique, up to date twist to these established styles, helping to keep this type of music vital & relevant for new generations of music fans & older music lovers alike.


Band Member's Profiles

Mike Hyder

(6 & 12 string Electric, 6 & 12 string Acoustic Guitars/Lead Vocal/Songwriting. Occasional Mandolin/Banjo/Sitar/Hamonium/Theramin)

Mike Hyder is a guitarist, songwriter and singer with a versatile approach to making music. He formed The Treat in 2001, with a vision to develop a band that was capable of making great albums that would stand the test of time.

Mike has very varied tastes in music, which influence his songwriting and his guitar playing. These include a love of classic rock, prog, psychedelia, metal, blues, funk, soul and folk, along with certain jazz, country, ethnic and orchestral music. His first love remains high energy, guitar based music. Mike is particularly pleased with the artistic achievements of THE TREAT's new album 'Audio Verite/Deceptive Blends' :  'I think with the new album we set sail on a varied and colourful musical adventure, developing a wider sound palette than we have previously enjoyed. The situation allowed me to explore increasingly varied styles of song writing, which I had wanted to do for some time. Working with musicians of equal strength to me, as Dave & Dom both are, allowed me to dip into my extensive stockpile of songs and finally record some of them, knowing we would collectively do them justice. Hence, one of the reasons why the album is a double and spans a wide range of genres. Listening to it, the album works as a whole and represents a very satisfying musical diary of this period of growth & development of the band. There’s a song for practically every occasion on here. If music is an art form and art a reflection of the human spirit in all its colourful shades, then I feel we have made our own musical equivalent with 'Audio Verite/Deceptive Blends'. Mike has continued to challenge himself as a songwriter, arranger, producer, vocalist and guitarist, pushing himself and extending his range and abilities, as can be heard on THE TREAT's 'LEPERS & DEITES' album and also his own solo album 'CRAFTSMAN'. Further surprises are in store on the next release by THE TREAT.

Among the artists and bands that have influenced him are Jimmy Page/Led Zep, Keith Richards/Stones, King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Family, Caravan, Genesis, Bowie, The Beatles, Foo Fighters, Soundgarden, Zappa and Green Day.




Dom Lash

(Electric Bass/Double Bass/Keyboards/Occasional Backing Vocals)

Dom Lash is a versatile bassist , who has a love of Jazz, rock and funk music. He plays both electric and acoustic double bass and experiments with numerous effects to create a wide variety of sounds.

Dom joined The Treat in 2002, after a chance telephone conversation with Mike and an exchange of CDs through the post.

The least outwardly flamboyant and extrovert of the band, Dom prefers to concentrate on his playing and provides The Treat with a solid rhythm to build on. As Dom says : ‘I tend to try and confront each musical situation separately and try and supply what I think is needed, taking ideas from others but not trying to copy them directly: then I can't help the fact that it ends up sounding like me - my limitations make themselves apparent but hopefully that helps somewhat it creating stylistic consistency!'

THE TREAT’s new album ‘Audio Verite/Deceptive Blends’ showcases Dom’s skills on Double Bass, as well as electric bass: His choice cuts on the new album are : ‘For A Reason for the upright (a side of my double bass playing that doesn't often make it onto record) and also This Is The One - not the most flashy, but it's satisfying to get that eighth note groove pumping along!’

Among his favourite musicians Dom includes John Wetton, Tony Levin, Robert Fripp, George Clinton, Bootsy Collins, Cecil Taylor, Charlie Parker & Napalm Death.



'Purple' David Hart

(Multi-Intrumentalist/Percussionist: Timpani/Djembe/Dumbek/Flute/Clarinet/Bass Clarinet/Melodica/Piano)

David Hart met Mike Hyder in August 2005, when Mike was looking for a Tabla player to play on ‘Citizen Of The World’ a track on the new TREAT album ‘Audio Verite/deceptive Blends’. Having impressed the band with his ability in the studio, David was asked to jam with The Treat on stage during their acoustic gig on Halloween night at the Oxford Union. Having proved himself to be a good live performer, he was then asked to play on several new Treat songs being recorded, among them Bass Clarinet on ’Art Of Deception’, also on Audio Verite/Deceptive Blends’. The band asked him back so many times that he soon became a fully fledged member of the band, adding numerous exotic sounds to their brew.

As Dave says : ‘I was drafted into recording sessions initially as a tabla player for one song, and I must have let slip then that I play other instruments, because it all spiralled out of control from there. Indeed, if it wasn't for becoming the odd jobsman for The Treat, I probably wouldn't have touched a flute, or a saxophone, or timpani or congas in years. Of course, because all of the normal rock instruments are already covered by the time I get there, it usually just remains for me to add the decorative touches; most of the instruments I play are 'icing' instruments (especially the glockenspiel) as opposed to the 'cake' of guitar, bass and drums. And though I wouldn't claim to be a great virtuoso on anything, I do my best to make that icing crisp and smooth…’

Like Mike, David has a love of progressive rock music, Heavy Metal, and ethnic /world music. Dave likes Yes, Magnum, Rammstein, Pakistani Qawalli music & They Might Be Giants.  Lately, he has been listening to a number of Jacques Brel songs. He is called 'Purple Dave', as an acknowledgement for his penchant for purple coloured clothes. 


Although all three musicians in THE TREAT have their own individual musical identities, they ‘meet in the middle’ when working on arrangements of the songs that Mike writes for the band. Both Mike & Dom have a love of King Crimson. Dave & Mike have been to see Jethro Tull in concert together, and have an appreciation of Yes. Dom tends to veer more in a jazzy direction, with Dave showing a greater appreciation of folk styles. Mike likes both jazz & folk, with a healthy love of blues.