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"Even in the ears and the mind of a music journalist of 20 years comes along an exceptional and addictive band steeped in originality and brilliance, here they are, and I am now a cult follower. A collective miracle in music! Mike has remarkable and perplexing vocal achievement AND plays THERUMIN with many more equally demanding instruments , a mastery of the guitar such as I have not heard in a decade, stunning....Dave plays over 12 very difficult instruments to perfection including the very challenging 'accordion didgeridoo'! Dom takes the keys to a new heightening of the senses...I shall be listening all night long!! THE TREAT will shake the world."

Lyric LaCeile/Independent music journalist (30 countries)/UK Artists 'LIVE' founder/Member, Music Supervision Exchange, Film and Television Professionals

Interesting! I´ll be checking for tour dates in Denmark or Germany. - Benny Pedersen

Really enjoyed your music, in fact i'm gonna get the album!.....Best Wishes Bari.

Heey! Great music....I really like it! Keep on psyching out. See ya soon on some stage - Thau

Hey The Treat ! "Citizen of the World" could be a tune of the "Jimmy Page and Robert Plant Unledded" ! Wonderful song.Respect - The John Wayne Supermarket

Loving Agent 555! Big respect from Jones boys! Best Regards, -The Jones-

Hello Hello, Really great music! I'm guessing you guys like Family, Caravan and all that other amazing music from that era! - Andy (of The Whatevers)

I'm so much into the whole 60-70 rock thing. Thus, I appreciate. This is good music - Eunackh’Aaevon

Have just listened to Phonography - soo good, what a brilliant sound you have, your vocalist sounds wonderful and great keyboards in the back - shall be ordering your other cd today - good to hear a new band with old roots - Helen

Hey! Cool taste in music! And cool page too I might add :-) - Mason Kayne (British TV Actor)

LOVE your music!! - Luke, Fàshiön

Good to be onboard your beautiful ship. Peter Daltrey  KALEIDOSCOPE / FAIRFIELD PARLOUR

Great band, great music! Cheers!- Asier Elektriko

great music, i've liked a lot. it's a privilege to be your friend! hope to have you featured on soon! all the best - Giancarlo

thanks for the add, awesome sounds.... dig it muchly!! Maria - Rock Against Bullshit

Great music, The Treat! All the best from Germany, keep doing well! - The Swipes

Lovin This Page ! - Carl Wise Blueboy Records

Thanks for treating us. Like the brass on Beautiful Way. -Edgy

The Treat dear:
For hours I've been checking out your superb repertoire made of unforgettable songs. If I could foresee I'd say a brilliant future lies right ahead and soon your powerful band will be certainly living better days, getting repute as well as acknowledgment worldwide. Even on my sixties your "Make you crawl" made me shake my hips all over, and your so soft beguiling instrumental "Sweet Jasmine" came like a calmness after a serious storm. My sincere felicitations for your being able to write down such beautiful timeless melodies. Please accept a strong embrace and my admiration
for your impeccable art - Taquinho Noronha

‘Citizen’ track for me - Nick Nicely

Splendid chunes! - Shinjig

Great songs!!! thank you, kinda kinks

Cool prog.- Edorf

Good music guys, I hope to see you play live sometime - Sid Griffin (Coal Porters)

Great sound , good music ! Nice work ! Greetings from Venezuela - Tempano

Hello my friends. I like your work, good music, great sound. Greetings from Portugal - Pedro Sousa (Rocklanda Radio Show)

Thanks for the add - You ROCK - Royal Gents

Great sound, guys! Especially Sweet Jasmine is a wonderful song - Lots of Love - Dame

Ta for the req. Groovy tunes you have! Prog & rock on! - Aarri

you're really great! my favourite song is effervescence from Phonography. Ciao from Italy!

Hi and thanks for connecting! "Deceptive blends" I suppose plays on 10CC's 70s album "Deceptive bends"!Ok, keep on rockin'! And take care - Peter.

Tight Stuff! I like it! =) Clear Blue Skies

Good to meet you notch tunes.- Herb

Nice stuff Men, best wishes from Longfellow's Guitars, london

Hello there! Hidden in your rock music are some really nice approaches to psychedelic landscapes which we like. - JP

Hello The Treat,, I enjoy listening to your music, great work, very cool and beautiful ! I will adding it to my collection. Greetings from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil !

Yesss- I like it!! - K of Sweden

The Treat - Very interesting tuneage, my new friends! Message me about getting on ShockPop! ~Sparky~ SCRUB RADIO

Good songs. Cheers from Greece! - Electric Rays

Hi.. Great sound!! Greetings from The Netherlands

hello, excelente musique wouahouuuuuuuu - After Dix

Hi there. Great compositions, true and intelligent. Good mood, very pleasant to hear. All the best - Denis

Hello boys! Nice to hear that British good old sound again. Stay creative! - Mael

thanx for friedship guys,i like your sound. have a nice music trip - Real Connection

Hallo friends. I hope to see you in Italy very soon. Your music is really fantastic, something good came from your soul and it called Rock of the Universe. - Love&Music from Italy Renato

Hi!. Your music sounds so great! It's nice you use those various instruments. Especillay I love the sound of sitar, mandolin, harmonium, tablas, and flute. Keep up the excellent work! - Kayocci

Thanks. This really reminds me of early Genesis. Which I really like. Brilliant. - DLP

Ah......the old, good sound is on the air again! Germano Del Mastro

Hello! You sure are impressively good at what you do! - Apostolis V

Love your Music! - Nitro Chrome Records

Hi, thanks for your friendship. cool stuff, btw. Cheers - Joe from Scarlet Utopia

I'm in for that,sounds a,err.....TREAT! - Edward

Thanks! I'd had a let down of a day, & your set cheered me up. Good songs get me beyond the riff raff of the times. - Kev B.

HI thnx for the friendship! Think it’s great to have musician friends all over the world!!! I stopped by to listen to your music and enjoyed it very much …really sounds GREAT! Greets from "D E E Z E L" (Belgium)

Dig the classic sounds. - The Dupont Circles

thanks for the req!! you have a cool sense ;) lets keep in touch, greeting from tokyo.. Cxx

Great stuff!!! reminds me of good old Caravan... Thanks a lot for the add :-) All the best, - LioR

effectivement j'aime le prog (surtout King Crimson & Genesis) mais comment m'avez-vous trouvé dans ce dédale ? bravo en tout cas - th

Cheers for the invite la...I have to say you are aptly named," The Treat," indeed your musik is a treat to the ears. Your music harkens back to those great Canterbury scenic days and yet you have a revolutionary new twist on it , and kin'ell, I thought I played a lot of instruments! Definitely top of chops here I say!. Thanks again my friends...Princeton Reverb Dreams Ronnie B.

really great music prog fellows...we must do something in future...keep in touch with chilean prog - Cazuela de Condor

good stuff guys! - Bernie Torme (Guitarist)

Like the tunes! Are you guys touring? - Michael Quinn

Thank you for the request and friendship! Sounds very, very good. I really like your catchy tunes. All the best from Finland! Cheers, - Harri K

Thank you for the friendship and for the good music, as well as the beautiful compositions and the good rythmic,good percusion, the nice guitar, bass, piano, mandolin ,banjo and the magnificent vocals.Sound and very well-kept arrangement. Beautiful and long musical journey - Pierrot

Hi Gents. Cheers for the request and good luck with the album. Really like Sweet Jasmine. Be seeing you ! - PRoM

Hi. It all sounds good to me - CG

Hi there, thank you for finding me and the friendship. What really good music. - Sylvia

Glad to hear someone doing this kind of music is getting praise from the critics - Gravity Tree

Hi from Wollongong. i enjoyed your songs you have up here. best of luck fellas -Yesterday Today

Rising stars? You make it sound so easy. We played a couple shows in Oxford the last time we were over, so maybe we can set something up together next time! Cheers - David from Heavy Water Experiments

Hey hey! Thanks for the add. Wikid sound you guys got! Keeps up the good work. Lots of love, Albert x x x

U F**CKING ROCK! - Monica

Wonderful music! A story in every tune. I like the folk element, you use it to great effect. Honoured to be your friend - Randy in Alabama

Thank you for adding me. Very 60's - Roy Weard

Hi. Wow what a great mix of what you are doing. Really good to hear a band who can play soft one song and then rock out on another. A good mix of musical styles rock/prog/folk/classic rock/blues/the lot brilliant. I will be back for another listen later. you are a real TREAT. - Grahame

I would love to review your new album in Brazil. Best! Jorge - Prog Noise

Very rock guys!!! - La Bocca

Thanks for the friend request. Enjoyed listening to your music. Great creative music. You guys rock for sure! Keep On Rockin - Walter