ON STAGE @ The Troubadour Club, London March 2017

The Treat at The Troubadour March 2017 Pic 1

 The Treat at The Troubadour Pic 3   The Treat at The Troubadour Pic 2

In The Studio Spring 2016


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Mike Hyder's Birthday Party Celebrations

August 2015




The Treat band leader, Mike Hyder, hanging out with musos and promoting 'Craftsman'.

November  22nd 2014, Swan Theatre, High Wycombe, Bucks, England.

Mike Hyder with the legendary John Mayall  

July 4th 2014, 100 Club, London, England.


                 Mike Hyder with                                                    Mike Hyder with                                      Mike Hyder with

                Frank Holland of The Pretty Things                       Dick Taylor of The Pretty Things                 Phil May of The Pretty Things


May 2014, Borderline, London, England

Mike Hyder with Kim Simmonds of Savoy Brown


May 2014, New Theatre, Oxford, UK

Mike Hyder with Geoff Downes from Yes


The Treat @ The 10th Annual Cambridge Rock Festival, UK.

August 2013




Mike Hyder Guitarist/Vocalist w THE TREAT                Dave Hart Percussionist/Multi Instrumentalist w THE

at Cambridge Rock Festival August 2nd 2013                TREAT at Cambridge Rock Festival August 2nd 2013






     Mike  w Geoffrey Richardson from Caravan         Mike  w Spike from The Quireboys        Mike w Lee Vernon, from Pearl Handled Revolver

Mike seen here giving an interview to Radio Caroline's Mike Brill at The Cambridge Rock Festival August 2013



The Treat in concert

@ The Robin Club, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, UK.

July 2012



















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