This year has just flown by. THE TREAT took up a residency at The Robin Club in Bilston, West Midlands (UK), where the group opened the show for The Grandmothers (featuring members of Frank Zappa's old band), The Muffin Men (who were a Zappa tribute band), Man (the 70s Welsh rockers), Corky Laing (drummer from Mountain) and most recently, The watch (a Genesis tribute band from Italy). THE TREAT made many new friends and supporters at these gigs. They need more and more of them. 

 Mike Hyder worked on a new album - his follow up to the critically well received 'Craftsman' album. He wrote and worked on a new batch of songs between December 2017 and March 2018. In April recording began of the album, and this carried on periodically for the next 6 months, up until near the end of October. Within days of the final mix, Mike was having the album mastered and was finishing off the artwork. Earlier today, he signed off on the atwork and the CD has gone to be pressed up.  We are hoping for an 'advance' release for the supporters and loyal fans, follwed by a full release next year (2019).

JULY 2018

Mike Hyder is more than halfway through recording his next solo album,which is a follow up to his well received 'Craftsman' album, released in 2014.

Mike wrote the songs for his next album between December 2017 and April 2018. He began recording the 10 tracks shceduled for the album in April 2018.

Mike plays a mix of electric and acoustic guitars on the album, building his guitar orchestrations. In addition, he has plays a few exotic instruments including sitar, harmonium, mandolin and various percussion instruments to add colour to the production and arrangements of the songs. He has also built up layers of vocals on some of the songs.

His songwriting on this album, as always, includes a broad sweep of styles, which cover new classic rock, prog, psychedelia, folk, blues, country and various points in between.

Expect a release before the end of the year.

MAY 2018

We have another confirmed gig at The Robin.

In addition to our upcoming gigs at the venue in August, September and October, we arr now also playing the venue in November.

Nov 4th Robin 2, Bilston, UK

THE TREAT are opening the show for italian Prog band, The Watch who will be playing Genesis' 'Selling England By The Pound' in it's entirety at the gig.  

APRIL 2018

What a fabulous gig at The Robin this month. Great crowd. Great venue. We played well. We were warmly received. Gig goers came up an chatted to us after the show and supported the band by buying a few CDs. Oh, and we got to meet members of the legendary Mothers of Invention and watch their entire set. Onwards and upwards....

MARCH 2018

The pursuit of world domination by THE TREAT continues , with 4 gigs in the UK already confirmed for 2018.

April 23rd Robin 2, Bilston, UK

THE TREAT are opening the show for Frank Zappa’s band, now known as The Grandmothers of Invention. THE TREAT will be playing original songs from across their 4 critically acclaimed albums, blending classic rock, with prog, folk, psychedelia and all points in between. NOT TO BE MISSED!

August 5th Robin 2, Bilston, UK

THE TREAT will be performing an acoustic show, opening for The Muffin Men, who are dedicated to playing the music of Frank Zappa and often feature various ex-members of Zappa’s band.

Sept 13th Robin 2, Bilston, UK

THE TREAT will be supporting legendary Welsh rock band, MAN.

Oct 15th Robin 2, Bilston, UK

THE TREAT are opening the show for Corky Laing, co-founder of legendary U.S. rock band, Mountain (Mississippi Queen, Nantucket Sleighride etc.) and also a member of West, Bruce and Laing, a band he formed with Jack Bruce.


Following on from last year's successful bout of gigging, we have a number of events planned for this year. We intend to play many shows, but are increasingly becoming more selective. We are booked to play one of our regular haunts - The Robin 2 Club in Bilston, in the Midlands. Always been good to us and the crowds are really appreciative. We are opening for the Grandmothers of Invention. As huge Frank Zappa fans, especially of his period with the Mothers of Invention , we are particularly looking forward to this gig.

Work still continues on our follow up to 'Lepers & Deities'. We are undecided as to whether we want to put out a double or triple album. Plus, i'm working on my next solo album. So, it's all go at the moment.


What a whirlwind our trip to Italy has been. We flew out from Stansted on Sunday 13th August, guitar, percussion and wind instruments in hand and landed 2 hours later in Treviso airport, north of Venice. Lovely and sunny and warm. I could easily spend a lot of time in Italy. From there our adventure really began. My Italian is non-existent and Dave's is rudimentary (he was copiously supplimenting his dialogue with Portugese and Spanish phrases. Tsk).

Anyone who is in a touring rock'n'roll band will tell you that most of the time is spent travelling. So it was with us, as well. From the airport we took the bus to a railway station south of Treviso (on the recommendation of the promoter - hmmm), only to board a train and travel over 3 hours back northwards to Belluno. Hunger pangs were digging deep by now and we re-energised with sustenance in Belluno. After a lot of help from middle aged Italian ladies, we procurred a taxi driver who took us to the festival site, darkness having fallen by now. Tired , we set up our tent in pitch black darkness (a first!) and then joined the festival revellers to watch the bands and get some much needed liquid refreshment. Putting up tents is thirsty work, after all.

After our first night sleeping on solid ground, we awoke to the most breathtaking view of the Dolomites and after a light breakfast, during which some of us insisted on being served tea (not coffee), because, well..we're British! ...we went on an extended walk in the hills of the northern Italian countryside. Later, we rehearsed our full set and added a brand new number 'For The Birds', from the forthcoming new album by THE TREAT. We also dusted down 'On The Waterfront', which hasn't been played live for many years. Satisfied with our rehearsal, we then chilled with local beers in hand for the rest of the evening, watching the other bands - many of them British!

The following morning was spent mingling with the crowd, packing up our camping gear, packing our cases, getting ready for the gig (we have to look our best, darlings), and setting up our equipment on stage for our late afternoon slot. Then - showtime! We played our longest ever show, around 1 hour, during which we played 11 songs, introducing the Italians to our wide range of styles, playing songs from across our 4 studio albums. The crowd received us warmly and enthusiastically. We were pleased. Another successful gig - and so far away from home. 

I can't tell you how satisfying it is to be asked to play original songs one has written, which are recieved so positively and supportively by people from another culture, in another part of the world, with something of a language barrier. But then, music has always had that power. Rock On! We can't wait to go back to Italy for more gigs - and indeed the rest of Europe...and the world! 

Within minutes of coming off-stage, some hurried thank yous and goodbyes and chatting to a few fans who loved our show, we got bundled into a taxi and sped off to Belluno train station. With seconds to spare we caught the train - this time, one which went directly to Treviso (!) and, totally exhausted, reflected and rested during our near to 3 hour journey. We had a window of an hour to get a meal, tucking into 'authentic' Italian Pizzas (nothing like the ones in Britain) with, of course, a pot of tea. Then onto the bus bound for the airport, where I had my first experience of sleeping most of the night on airport furniture. It's a wonder my back isn't in traction. By 6 am we were in line to get our equipment on board, in the fragile zone (we ourselves were in that state by now), then the usual security checks and so on. A moment of reflection and take off! Back to England - cloudy and overcast, but home nevertheless. All in just over 3 days. Now that IS Rock'n'Roll!!




We are looking forward to playing our first ever show in Italy. In fact it's the first time THE TREAT have played outside of the UK. We feel we have reached a new phase in the band's career. The gigs in London have gone extremely well. We are slowly introducing new numbers into the show, from our forthcoming album. 'In The Clouds' is going down very well with audiences. Long may that continue. We will be perfoming again in London, soon after our rteturn from our festival appearance in Italy. Watch this space.

MARCH 2017

THE TREAT played their first gig in London for a long while on Saturday 11th March. It was a blinder. A great time was had by band and all who attended. THE TREAT performed at The Troubadour Club in London. They played in their acoustic duo format (Mike on 6 and 12 string acoustic guitars, Dave on Dumbek, Bass Clarinet and Tablas). The set list performed was from across the range of all 4 albums by THE TREAT.


Our thanks to Stacy for booking us and giving us a good sound. Thanks also to staff at the venue for making us feel welcome. Also to the other bands/artists (Jerry (and band) and Josh) for their camerarderie spirit. We hope to be back performing in London again soon.

In the meantime, you may like to check out some pics from the gig on our Gallery page.


aHappy New Year to all our supporters! We are focusing on gigs - lots of them, in 2017! THE TREAT are already booked to play the Wheatsheaf in their homewtown of Oxford, on April 30th. We are negotiating with promoters up and down the country to play all over the UK in the coming year, possibly at a venue near you! Our facebook page gets many hits. Add yourselves as a friend, if you like. Check out youtube videos we have posted - 2 for THE TREAT and 2 for Mike Hyder's solo album, 'Craftsman'.  Many new songs have been written over the past few months, some of which will emerge on MH solo albums, some of which will appear on future releases by THE TREAT. Drop us a line and we will add you to our mailing list.

JULY 2016

aAfter the success of our 'Agent 555' video on facebook, we compiled a second video for THE TREAT song 'Roaming' and published that on facebook and received a huge response again. Consequently, we have been actively promoting the band on facebook and youtube and as a result of that, traffic to this website has increased three times over. We have made many new fans and supporters. Also, we are steadily giving this site a makeover and updating various pages. A third video is currently in production. Watch this space for further details in due course.


JUNE 2016

Two weeks ago, we compiled a video montage of publicity pictures taken on THE TREAT's 'Mad Day Out' in London and mixed it with the brand new remix of 'Agent 555', off the band's current release, 'Sound Bites'. We uploaded it to THE TREAT's facebook page and are astonished and delighted to find that the video has been viewed by several thousand facebook users. Traffic to this website has increased by 243%! We are re-posting the video for a third week, due to the demand and interest in the band and the music. A sucessful result. We have already edited and completed a second video which we will post in the next couple of weeks.


MAY 2016

As we are sure you have noticed, we have given the homepage on this site a complete makeover. We hope to do this with the remainder of the website in due course. THE TREAT have been very busy in the studio finishing off the recording for the next album. It is either going to be called GLOBAL WARNING or, as originally intended, THE GOOD EARTH. We may give it a double title, as we did for AUDIO VERITE/DECEPTIVE BLENDS. Like AV/DB, this is also going to be a double album . 20 tracks, 2 CDs, loosely conceptual and , as always, very varied. 18 tracks are in the can. A handful need remixing. Two tracks are still at the recording stage. GLOBAL WARNING and an epic in four parts, called FOR ALL SEASONS. So far, it is around 36 minutes long (an album in itself!). The Photo gallery has some recent pics of THE TREAT in the studio for you to interact with. Watch this space for further updates.


A very Happy New Year to you all. Hope you had a good Xmas. Sadly Mike's beloved cat Tennison passed away on the 19th January from cancer. He was diagnosed and given 6 weeks to live. He was with Mike for a further 19 months and gave Mike the best Xmas and New year present with his continued company. Rest in Peace, dear friend. We have further been saddened by the deaths of David Bowie, Lemmy and Genn Frey, all of whom Mike has seen in concert at some point and whose music Mike has enjoyed over the years. They are rocking on in the heavens. We have to focus on the living and are working on mixes and some final recording for the next album by THE TREAT, and it will be a double, featuring 20 tracks.



If you would like to see THE TREAT perform at a specific venue please email us at thetreatband@yahoo.co.uk.

We want to hear from you !

AUGUST   2015

Mike Hyder celebtrated his birthday last saturday, 22nd August, with a fun packed evening, which began with drinks, followed by a half hour acoustic set of  music performed by Mike on guitar and vocal and Dave hart on wind and percussion instruments. The set list of TREAT music was : THE ART OF DECEPTION/SPARKLE/ROAMING/VALERIE/AGENT 555/THE HUNGER. This set was followed by eats and much chatting and merriement among the guests and then, the guitar shaped cake was wheeeled out, followed by further merriment. Some of the best rock and pop music of the last 50 years was played and guests enjoyed themsleves right up unti the midnight curfew. For a taste of the evenings proceedings go to the picture gallery.


JULY  2015

Mike Is still finishing off the double album, but in the meantime is also at work on the 6th TREAT album, which is going along at a fast pace. It is one lengthy piece in eighteen sections. Two outstanding sections have been written in the past month and are now ready to be recorded. So, expect two albums by THE TREAT, a remixed reissue of their first album and, possibly another solo album sometime in 2015/6.

Mike also recently met Tony Visconti (Producer of David Bowie and Marc Bolan) and Andy Latimer of Camel. Both are now aware of THE TREAT and Mike's solo work.


JUNE  2015

We haven’t been posting updates lately because here at TREAT HQ we have been busy keeping things bubbling along.

After Mike’s recent bereavement, we are now slowly getting back to finishing off working on THE TREAT’s next album, which is going to be a double CD album with well over 1 hour’s worth of music on it. In addition, Mike has started work on another batch of songs for another solo album which is taking shape.

On a chance meeting at a recent record fair, Mike bumped into Jimmy Page (he of Led Zeppelin fame) and gave him a copy of SOUND BITES and told him about the CRAFTSMAN solo album. They chatted for 10 minutes and Jimmy wished Mike good luck with the band and the solo work. In fact Mike’s been putting THE TREAT name, and his own as a solo artist, around quite a bit among established veterans, over the past couple of years. In addition to meeting Jimmy Page, he has met Jeff Beck, Steve Howe (and all current members of YES), The Pretty Things, Renaissance, Colosseum, John Mayall, King King, Kim Simmonds (savoy Brown), The Quireboys, Temperance Movement, Pearl Handled Revolver, Bonafide and Caravan, among others.

All are now aware of THE TREAT, and have heard the music.

We are now getting back on track promoting SOUND BITES and CRAFTSMAN, having given Mike some time and personal space in recent months.

We are working on up to 3 videos which we will be posting soon on YouTube.




Well, not only have we had our biggest orders and initial sales for our new album SOUND BITES, but it has also bumped up sales for the entire TREAT catalogue and also Mike Hyder's solo album 'Craftsman'. Mike Hyder will be playing a private show early in May, which may have the other members of THE TREAT backing him. This may lead to some public gigs in due course. Watch this space. 


Well, here it is at last. A glorious retrospective album by THE TREAT, to be released on 10/11/14 . 'SOUND BITES' contains 60+ minutes of music; 16 tracks hand picked by the band themselves; 36 page, full colour booklet, containing many new pics ; song lyrics; track-by-track notes and an extensive essay on the history of THE TREAT, written by founder member and band leader, Mike Hyder.

Well..what are you waiting for ?? Go promptly to the merchandise page and order your pre- release  copy now. Happy listening.


Mike Hyder, has just received ONE HOUR of airtime on the specialist Australian radio show, Psychedelic Ears, broadcasting on Edge Radio.
DJ Dwayne Bunney, spoke to Mike about his new solo album, CRAFTSMAN, for 20 minutes and played 3 of the four lengthy tracks on the album : THE ROCK, EDEN and the 20 minute epic, THE ORGANISATION. The title track, CRAFTSMAN, was aired a few weeks ago on the show.
To listen to the broadcast, go to :    http://www.mixcloud.com/kscopeears/2014-08-24-featured-artist-psychedelic-mike-hyder-includes-interview/
To our knowledge, this is the first time an ENTIRE ALBUM released by Rockular Recordings has been played on one radio show. This is an unprecedented victory for Mike, The Treat and all of us here at Rockular HQ.
Another step further then…..


 My goodness, what a whirlwind of a month it's been. On Sunday the 27th of July, the three member of The Treat met up in London, for what turned into a marathon publicity photo shoot at several locations. Some video footage was also shoot, during a 5 hour period. The aim, was to present something fresh to accompany the forthcoming Best of The Treat compilation that is scheduled for Novemeber 2014 release. The week following the photo shoot was spent selecting through the many photos taken on the day and esigning the 36 page (!) booklet, which will accompany the CD release. Band leader, Mike Hyder, then spent a further 2 weeks writing an extensive band biography and detailed sleeve notes, which will also be incuded in the bumber booklet. The mock up was then sent for 'final touches' to the company we use as a go between, before sending the CD off for manufacture. Fast forward to the week of Monday the 12th of August and over a 5 day period, 5 sets of proofs for the booklet went back and fourth between Mike and the printers, before he gave the go ahead for printing. Also, some minor tweaks on the mastering for the CD - which had been done earlier in the year - were carried out, before the CD master was ready. The album was finally sent off to the pressing plant on Friday 15th August. Phew!

Mike was scheduled to give an interview on the Australian Radio show, Psychedelic Ears, on Edge Radio on Sunday, but for logisitical reasons this was postponed until Tuesday the 19th August. The 20 minute interview was broadcast yesterday, on the 24th of August, 2014, along with 3 quarters of the album  - The Rock, Eden, The Organisation ! . DJ Dwayne Bunny had already played the title track, Craftsman, on the show a few weeks ago. A fabulous result. We can only thank him yet again for his support of the album. He also played a few tracks by bands Mike mentioned on the show as being among his favourites, namely The Beatles, The Pretty Things, Roy Harper and Led Zep.

We are now looking into arranging some pre- Christmas gigs for The Treat to play. Watch this space.


Since our last post, events have been happening at a rapid pace. The Treat's songwriter, Mike Hyder, has now signed a contract with District6 Music Publishing in London, England, who are collecting his publishing royalites for him. He now has around another 100 followers on Twitter. His solo album 'Craftsman' is being added to more and more radio playlists in the UK, Europe and Australia. As a group, The Treat are putting together the final running order of songs for their Best Of album, which should be out later in the year. A photo shoot is scheduled within the next couple of weeks. Both guitarist Mike and multi- instrumentalist Dave have been out shopping - Mike has bought some new effects pedals which he is currently experiementing with and Dave has added a Sorprano Saxophone and a new Clarinet to his growing collection of wind instruments.


JULY 2014

What a whirlwind it's been these past 8 weeks since we last communicated with you on this page. Extensive promotion has been taking place, for Mike Hyder's solo album 'Craftsman'. We are pleased to tell you, we have gained significant results. We contacted 300+ radio stations worldwide and have had an overwhelming positive and supportive response back. 'Craftsman' , the song, has already been playlisted on several London based specialist listening shows, also on Australian Radio (see radio playlists page), and is set to be playlisted in the coming weeks on various radio shows in the U.S., Netherlands, Germany and Canada, with more to follow. We are also happy to report, this week, a wonderful review of the album has appeared in the current issue of the national UK publication, Prog (see reviews page). This is a significant result, as it indicates that reviewers/critics are accepting Mike Hyder in his own write, as a recording artist, as much as they have done with The Treat. Mike has also been getting to meet various artists over the past few weeks, including the members of Yes, Jeff Beck, Kim Simmonds (from Savoy Brown) and The Pretty Things. He gifted all of them with copies of the 'Craftsman' album (see photo gallery). We are still awaiting a few more magazine and online reviews for the album. The Mike Hyder twitter page @hyder_mike, which was set up barely 3 months ago, has already gained Mike 350+ followers , and the figures are steadily climbing. Mike Hyder is currently finalising a publishingh deal and The Treat are making headway in getting a radio plugger/promotions company on board for all future releases. Phew! 

MAY 2014

Today is the official launch day for MIKE HYDER's solo album, 'CRAFTSMAN'.  The more eagle eyed among you must have already spotted a full page advert in PROG last week and a half page one before that in CLASSIC ROCK. Expect another in BLUES MAGAZINE next week. Review copies have been sent out : Expect to see a review in the next issue of R2 , and more in various hardcopy and online publications in the coming weeks. We have added some samples of the tracks to the merchandise page for you to have a listen. You can purchase the album directly from us at this site on the merchandise page, or from Amazon, Play and all good music retailing outlets. Downloads are available from itunes, Amazon MP3 and emusic. Enjoy!

MARCH 2014

Well, here it is ! Mike Hyder's CRAFTSMAN album has just arrived at Rockular Head offices and what a stunning album it is. The album will have it's world wide release on Monday 5th May, 2014. In the meantime, as of now, we are making available, exclusively from this site, a pre-release for fans and loyal supporters. You can find out more details from the merchandise page.


An extremely belated happy new year to you all ! Yes, indeed, it is turning out to be a packed year for THE TREAT. So much so, this is the first opportunity we have had to update this site, since our previous messages to you all, wishing you pleasant Christmas festivities ! Shocking!.

As soon as Christmas celebrations were over, Mike Hyder was back in the studio, finishing off final mixes for his solo album 'Craftsman'. After the new year's festivities, Mike took the album to be mastered and spent a couple of weeks monitoring the finished product on various Hi-Fi and budget CD systems, as is his custom. All the while, work was taking place, putting together a 'mock up' for the CD booklet. As soon as the mastering was approved, final stages for the artwork were completed and the booklet design was sent to the printers for a set of proofs. After minor tweaks and corrections were made, a further set of proofs were approved and the album was sent off to be pressed, earlier this month. We have just heard word that the delivery date may be this week ! (Originally we were told to expect the first consignment of CDs in March).

Here at Rockular Recordings we are currently busy preparing promo packs for the CRAFTSMAN CD release. Depending on the logistics of the promotional and marketing activities we have planned, expect the album to hit the shops late April/early May. As usual, we will provide long standing supporters/fans of THE TREAT to purchase the album directly from this site, a few weeks ahead of the official worldwide release. So, watch this space.

You may also be wondering about the long awaited compilation album of THE TREAT's first four albums, the re-release of their remixed and remastered first album 'In Technicolour' and the long awaited new studio album by THE TREAT. Those are other stories for other days..........all hopefully taking place in 2014! . WATCH THIS SPACE.




THE TREAT have been busy in the studio Re-Mixing their debut album 'IN TECHNICOLOUR' .

The album was re-mastered last Friday and sounds STUNNING! . Band leader, Mike Hyder, is writing new sleeve notes for the album, which will come with previously unpublished photos in a newly designed booklet. Expect the album to be released early in the new year. 

Mike Hyder has now completed recording of his solo album and is in the process of mixing it. Expect a release in the spring of 2014.

THE TREAT have been working on their follow up to 2012's 'Lepers & Deities' album. The scale of ambition surpasses their musical achievements of 2009's 'Audio Verite/Deceptive Blends' , and like that album, this too will be a DOUBLE album. Expect a release in late summer 2014.

THE TREAT are also working on a compilation album, which will contain selected tracks from their first four albums. A release date for this album is tentatively around Autumn 2014.

You can follow THE TREAT's activities more closely soon, as the band will be setting up a twitter account and totally revamping their Facebook page.  The group also intend to make a few more videos and post them up on You Tube, for your entertainment.

Watch This Space !


AUGUST  2013


Well…what a FAB weekend THE TREAT had at the Cambridge Rock Festival ! .

Our thanks to Miles Bartaby from The Classic Rock Society for booking THE TREAT to play the gig and to Festival Organiser, Dave Roberts and his team, for putting together such a well organised festival with a great atmosphere, giving up and coming groups like THE TREAT the opportunity to present their music to a wider audience.

The band played a 50 minute acoustic set on Stage 2 on Friday afternoon , 2nd August, winning over new fans, performing material from all four of their albums, particularly their latest , ‘Lepers & Deities’. They also slotted in a brand new, as yet unreleased song, ‘Craftsman’, which was also well received.

Numerous Press photographers documented THE TREAT’s performance, at least one of which will be writing a review of the band for the Yorkshire based webzine, Heavy.com.

After their show, the group mingled with the audience and general attendees at the festival, signing
autographs, posing for pictures and checking out the other bands. Backstage, there was much
camaraderie with other artists, such as The Quireboys, The Temperance Movement, Pat McManus,
Hazel O' Conner's band and Pearl Handled Revolver, with contact details exchanged and
possibilities of support slots in the future discussed. However, a personal highlight for THE TREAT's
Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter, Mike Hyder, was chatting to the members of one of his favourite prog
rock bands, Caravan. Their multi-instrumentalist, Geoffrey Richardson, was interested in checking
out THE TREAT’s music and is seen in one of the Pics posted on the Picture Gallery Page, endorsing the band’s Audio
Verite album. If all goes well, THE TREAT may well have the honour of supporting Caravan at some
future shows.

THE TREAT’s Multi-Instrumentalist, Dave Hart, was approached by Trevor Howard, music DJ at
Severnfm, based in Gloucester, who wanted to grab a copy of the new TREAT album, ‘Lepers &
Deities’ to play on his show. Mike also made contact with Cambridge based independent radio
station, Zackfm, who were interested in hearing about THE TREAT, and gave them copies of the
last 3 TREAT albums, ‘Phonography’, ‘Audio Verite’ and ‘Lepers & Deities’ to add to their music
play lists. However, amazingly of all, Mike approached the team from Radio Caroline, who were at
the festival documenting the event for their listeners, and handed several DJs copies of the last three
TREAT albums, for airplay consideration. Mike then wandered off to see Pearl Handled Revolver’s
set. On his return, walking past the Radio Caroline stall he was nabbed immediately by DJ/Engineer
Mike Brill, who was gushing with praise for THE TREAT, having listened to some tracks from
‘Phonography’ and being particularly blown away by the tracks ‘Bolivian Diary’ and ‘Effervescence’.
Mike gave Radio Caroline an in depth interview of the band , some of which will be used in a
package that will be broadcast on Radio Caroline over the coming days. A MEGA result, achieved
in record time !!

In all, The Cambridge Rock Festival 2013, was a resounding success for THE TREAT. Assuming the organisers will invite us back, we are already looking forward to playing at the festival in 2014 !

Rock On !

JULY  2013


THE TREAT will be performing on the second day of this four day event , on Friday 2nd August 2013.

The band will be performing a largely acoustic set, playing songs from their four album repertoire, along with premiering at least 2 brand new, lengthy pieces. They will perform a 50 minute set and will be on around 2pm in (hopefully) glorious summer sunshine !

This year’s festival looks set to be the best yet, with well established acts like Magnum and The Quireboys also booked to play.

This will be THE TREAT’s highest profile national gig so far, and will, no doubt, raise the band’s growing status still further.

Come along and see some great music being performed. We hope to see you all there .

Rock On !


To further publicise THE TREAT's festival appearance, look out for 2 half page, full colour adverts in Prog, on sale July 10th and Classic Rock, on sale July 17th.


MAY 2013


THE TREAT will be performing at The Cambridge Rock Festival on Friday the 2nd of August.

The performance is likely to be an all acoustic show and the band have a 50 minute slot allocated.

They will be premiering at least 2 brand new songs, plus playing some songs from their back catalogue which have never been performed live.

They have been rehearsing steadily over the past few months, working on songs from all four studio albums, for this show.



THE TREAT band leader and songwriter, Mike Hyder,  has been busy over the past few months writing and recording songs for his forthcoming solo album. The album is said to be comprised of some lengthy pieces, with one track clocking in at a prog-tastic 19 minutes ! He plans to finish off the album and have it ready for release by the time of THE TREAT's festival appearance at The Cambridge Rock Festival this year.



THE TREAT have been in the studio working on remixes for the entire 'In Technicolor' album. December 2013 will mark the 10th anniversary of this, THE TREAT's debut album, by which time the band intend to have remixed and re-mastered the album and have the sparkling new version in the shops.

A best of THE TREAT album is also intended for release in the near future.

A lengthy album, likely to be a double, comprising of all new material, is intended for release early next year.



What a start it's been to 2013 ! We have been completely swept off our feet. So much so, that we haven't managed to up date the website since New Year's Eve (!).

During the first week of January, Amazon, having sold out of copies of  'Lepers & Deities' over Christmas, ordered another large consignment from our distributor, Code 7/PhD.

The rock/roots magazine R2, published a full page write up on THE TREAT, which can be viewed on the Reviews page.

This was followed by another glorious review of the album - probably the best yet - in The Classic Rock Society Magazine. (Also added to the Reviews Page).

This week we have accepted a confirmed booking for THE TREAT to perform at The Cambridge Rock Festival on Friday, August 2nd 2013.

The show will be a 50 min set - largely acoustic and the band will perform songs from across the range of their releases, especially 'Lepers & Deities'.

As if all that isn't enough, Mike Hyder has been back in the studio and is laying down some more tracks for his forthcoming solo album, which he hopes to release in the late summer.




HAVE A FAB 2013!!

Thank you for helping to make 'Lepers & Deities', THE TREAT's best and fastest selling album yet ! 

Sales of the album outstripped those of THE TREAT's debut album 'In Technicolor', within a few weeks of release.

Amazon have been constantly OUT OF STOCK of copies of the album since it's release on October the 1st.

Our distributor has ordered the largest consignment of CDs from us at Rockular HQ, since we began doing business with him, 4 years ago.

Sales and interest in the new album have sparked interest in the back catalogue of THE TREAT albums, with our special offers on bundles, available exclusively from this site, currently proving to be a very popular purchase.

Rock On !




THE TREAT’s fantastic new album, ‘Lepers & Deities’, is Prog Album Of The Month, in the current (November) issue of
Classic Rock Magazine. The album has been given a glowing review by influential Editor At Large, Geoff Barton. 
This week has also seen the publication of a glorious review of the album in the pages of influential UK magazine, ‘Prog’.

To read the full reviews go to the REVIEWS page on this site.


 What a jam-packed two months it's been for us here at Rockular HQ. We began our first wave of promotion for the new album way back in August, when we sent out numerous promos to national and international magazines and newspapers, online webzines, terrestrial and internet radio and a handful of producers working on various television shows.

For our second wave, we worked on designing and working up the artwork for various advertisements in prominent, specialist, nationally distributed and influential music magazines, and also getting interviews arranged and conducted with the press. 

The fruit of our labour has born results :

 Reviews of the album will be published in UK national publications, PROG, Classic Rock and R2 magazines - the latter of which will also be running a feature on the THE TREAT. All are published between 7th and 9th November.

A full page, full colour advert, promoting THE TREAT's brand new album, 'Lepers & Deities', will be published on the 7th of November in PROG Magazine. A half page, full colour advert, promoting the album will be published on the same day in Classic Rock Magazine.

Our thanks to all the well wishers and the positive comments and feedback so many of you have communicated to us. We are very glad the album has been so well received.

As the saying goes : 'Play it LOUD in your neighbourhood!'




 The brand new album by THE TREAT- ‘Lepers & Deities’ will be released worldwide on Monday the 1st of October 2012.

You can pre-order the album directly from the merchandising page on this site, ensuring you will have a copy before it’s official release date.

This is the group’s long awaited and much anticipated fourth album, and follow up to their critically acclaimed ‘Audio Verite/Deceptive Blends’ album three years ago.

On ‘Lepers & Deities’, THE TREAT’s songwriter, Mike Hyder is at the top of his game, writing his best collection of songs so far and the band as a whole have never sounded better, showing they are equally adept at tackling fast paced rockers, such as ‘Headcase Baby‘, as much as they are on more reflective pieces, such as ’Falcon & the Iron Rain’. The group’s ability to construct arrangements, displaying light and shade, soft and loud soundscapes is equally apparent on tracks such as SPT, which begins as an acoustic psyche-folk piece and builds into a gargantuan, sonic electric assault, part Led Zep styled blues stomper, part jazz-folk tinged classic era Jethro Tull. Mmmm!. Delicious.

As we have come to expect by now from this colourful, eccentric, intensely creative and fiercely independent progressive group, a broad sweep of styles and musical colours are on display, from the acoustic flavoured, protest -folk of ‘Falcon & the Iron Rain’ to the gorgeous, heartfelt, yet muscular love song ‘Sparkle’, via the power chord, ‘Who’ influenced classic rock of ‘Headcase Baby’, the neo-folk rock of ‘Little Treasures’ and glorious 60’s tinged pop-sensibilities of ‘Valerie’. All of it performed, produced and presented in the unique style of THE TREAT for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!


JULY 2012

THE TREAT in Concert

Hello Well, it's an exciting time for THE TREAT.

Their first gigs in a fair while take place in the next couple of weeks.

The first is supporting Grey Lady Down at the Brasenose Arms, in Cropredy, Near Banbury, Oxfordshire on Sat 14th July.

Its an early start, around 5pm, as there are a number of bands on at the mini-Prog Festival.

The second is supporting Stolen Earth at the famous Robin 2 Club, in Bilston, Wolverhampton, on Sunday 22nd July.
Start time around 8pm.

Hope to see you there!


JUNE 2012


Cropredy Gig for THE TREAT !

THE TREAT will be playing their first public gig in 5 years on the 14th July 2012.

The show will take place at The Cropredy Arms, near Banbury, Oxfordshire.

The band will be performing an acoustic set, premiering songs from their long anticipated and soon to be released fourth album,

'Lepers & Deities', plus adding a few old favourites from their first three albums.

On the night,  THE TREAT will be the special guests for the prog band Grey Lady Down (which include ex-members of IQ), who especially requested THE TREAT to be their guest band for the performance.

The show will help to publicise the release of the band's fourth album in mid-August.

This is an outdoor show, featuring three bands and kicking off around 7.30pm.

A good night is intended to be had by all!

Check the Gigs Page for further details, as and when we get them and for details on further shows, possibly at The Robin, The House of Progression, various festivals and shows for The Classic Rock Society. Rock'n'Roll!


We can now reveal, THE TREAT's brand new album is called 'Lepers & Deities'. A 10 track, all killer, no filler album, the band have been meticulously crafting for some time. The artwork is all but complete and a mock-up has been approved. The album is scheduled to be pressed up in the coming weeks and advance promo copies to be sent out in July for a scheduled release date of 9th August 2012.

Watch This Space!


THE TREAT are featured in the bumper summer edition of R2 (Rock’n’Reel) out this week!

The acoustic/folk song  ‘By The Sea’ taken from their critically acclaimed album ‘Audio Verite/Deceptive Blends’ is on the cover mount CD,

along with a little write up about the song and the band on Page 7. Further, there is a quarter page advert for the album,

prominently positioned near the front of the magazine for maximum exposure.

 See reviews page for further details.

This will help to keep the band in the public eye while the final stages of artwork for THE TREAT’s new album are completed.

The next phase of publicity will be for their BRAND NEW album out during the summer….their best yet !

Watch this space.

Rock On !

APRIL 2012


U.S. TREAT fans charging £2000 for TREAT albums shock!

On our last routine perusal of the internet, we were astonished to find U.S. sellers on Amazon
flogging copies of THE TREAT's second album 'Phonography' for £2000 (!) .

We don't know whether to be flattered or appalled. We're assuming it's been put up there in error.

Interested parties may like to know, brand new copies of the album can currently be purchased directly from
this site on the 'Merchandising Page' for as little as £5.99 (plus p+p)

For those of you with money to burn and desperately wanting to rid yourself of £2000, you may like
to purchase this second hand one from :






THE TREAT have finally finished work on their brand new album. The follow up to their Magnum Opus ’Audio Verite/Deceptive Blends’. The album has been mastered and the final stages of artwork are in production. The album combines elements of the first three albums and shows the band to have taken on new sources of inspiration, ensuring that the group have progressed by gigantic leaps. All manner of instrumentation has been used and band leader, Mike Hyder, has arguably reached the top of his game with his distinct song writing style. The album is lean and mean - all killer, no filler, designed for maximum impact. 10 tracks crammed full of lyrical and musical ideas and ideals. Loosely an album of Love and Hate, it has it’s darker moments of despair and it’s lighter shades of optimism. As is normal for THE TREAT, it is a fine, balanced, fully realised and considered album. Here at Rockular HQ, we were completely blown away when we heard the mastered album in it’s entirety, last week. We’re confident that the album, when heard, will be hotly discussed as one of the best releases of 2012. Ever the perfectionists, the band are still dithering over some aspects of the final artwork. Assuming the artwork is completed within a few weeks, expect a late summer release for the album.




We are delighted to find that R2 magazine have published another prominent review of the album in the current issue of the magazine in their recommended reissues section , full of glowing praise for THE TREAT, their musicianship and the artistic scope and ambition of the album.

A copy of the review can be found on the 'Reviews Page' on this site.



A New Year's Message From THE TREAT

A very Happy New Year to all our supporters and music enthusiasts!

Well, after all the festivities over Christmas, we have hit the ground running in 2012. We have been back in the studio and have finally finished mixing ALL 10 tracks for the next album (our fourth studio platter). Just some minor artwork issues to deal with, and we will be all set. A release date will be announced in due course. In addition, having COMPLETELY SOLD OUT of copies of our first album 'In Technicolor', we thought it high time that - rather than going for a re-press - on this occasion, we would revisit the master tapes and completely REMIX  and RE-MASTER them ! That was the plan, until we found we couldn't find the original master tapes, where we thought they had been stored ! PANIC! After searching in various locations through our considerable archives we found them, just as we had left them 10 years ago ! Wasting no time, we have been in the studio and have already remixed 2 cuts - '24/7' and 'Don' Think Twice'. The results, dear reader, are simply STUNNING!! We can't wait to remix the remaining 8 tracks. Just before Xmas, we worked on updated artwork, which is near completion. It's a race to see which one will be ready first. The new album, or a remixed/remastered issue of out first platter from way back when. We are excited about both. Furthermore, we are also compiling - in the great tradition  of rock'n'roll - a compilation album! A best of ....so far!, if you like. Several track listings and sequences have been proposed, some artwork designs are in production, we are trawling through a 10 year picture archive picking out  unpublished photos, but this album is unlikely to appear until later on in the year. That's 3 albums in the next 12 months - aren't you lucky! We have some tentative plans to play some shows in the summer, and are looking into playing at some festivals. I would tell you that we are also tinkering with tracks for our fifth album.....but we will save details of that for another communication !


Our campaign to continue promoting our Magnum Opus, 'Audio Verite/Deceptive Blends' double CD album continues, with a full page, full colour advert in the pages of R2 (formerly Rock'n'Reel)  appearing in their Nov/Dec issue to be published in the weeks to come. The magazine specialises in classic rock, folk, roots and blues and is ideally suited for THE TREAT's eclectic style of music. Furthermore, we are taking out another half page, full colour advertisement in the pages of Classic Rock Presents PROG to promote the album. This will appear in the next issue of the magazine, to be published on the 23rd of November. It will be our third advert in the pages of this magazine in under a year. This is an unprecedented level of promotion we have put into our career over such a short period of time, but we feel VERY strongly that the 'Audio Verite/Deceptive Blends' IS a great piece of musical art, deserving of being heard and played by as many people as we can reach!.


We have been busy over the past few weeks. Final mixing has been done on all but one track on the forthcoming album. The artwork design for the cover and accompanying booklet nearly finished. There are some tentative plans for a few gigs as well. In the meantime, look out for a half page advert in the pages of Classic Rock Presents PROG out on 31/8/11, keeping THE TREAT name - and our three albums - in the public eye.

Oh, and to celebrate the final burst of summer sunshine, for a strictly limited period only, we are selling - direct from this website, copies of 'In Technicolor' and 'Phonography'  for £5.99 and the double CD album 'Audio Verite/Deceptive Blends' for £7.99. Bargain! Check out the merchandise page for these and other goodies !

APRIL 2011

Following the publication of a half-page, full colour advert in Classic Rock Presents PROG in March, we have seen an interest in THE TREAT increase 10 fold! So much so, we have now virtually completely sold out of copies of our debut album 'In Technicolor'. In an age where record sales have plummeted and the music industry is in tatters, on the verge of collapse, it's reassuring that support still exists for fiercely independent groups like THE TREAT.

Well, we have completed the mixes for the new TREAT album and are finishing off the artwork before the mastering takes place. We are still focusing on a release date for late summer. In the meantime we are also 70% of the way through completing the next TREAT album, which we are expecting to release early next year.

MARCH 2011

My, how the time has flown! March already !? We have been busy putting the last guitar and vocal parts down for tracks that have been selected for the next TREAT album. Final mixing we hope, will take place this month. Meanwhile, as regular visitors to this site will notice, we have completely revamped the website, dressing it in a very fetching shade of black. We thought it was time for a change from all the psychedelic day-glo colours we had before. Having navigated through (we hope) the worst of the recession, we are now launching a second wave of promotion for our critically acclaimed third album 'Audio Verite/Deceptive Blends'. Look out for a half page advert promoting the band and the album in the next issue of Classic Rock Presents PROG (on sale on March 9th). In addition, I have been recording some sitar parts for a track to be featured on Dave's first solo album, which he is piecing together bit by bit, as time permits. It was a fun session.



 Another Xmas over and done and another year gone. As far as activities with THE TREAT go, I am putting the finishing touches to the next CD album, which will be a single, 10 track, lean and mean affair. However, as with all things THE TREAT, we never do things in half measures or follow strict rules of convention. So, in addition to the above album we are near completion with a further 15 tracks and at an initial recording stage with a further five. This will form a more ambitious 20 track opus. We hope to have both albums out sometime next year (!!!).  In the meantime we wish our supporters a happy and prosperous New Year.


August already? My, how time flies. As the various factions of THE TREAT wind down on their Summer hols, I thought I would take the opportunity to update this site. After a much needed break, I've been back in the studio, finishing off tracks which will form the next TREAT album. We were hoping for a release this year, but it looks likely that Spring 2011 is when the album will be out. It contains some of my best songwriting yet, and , as always, it is a step on from what we've done before. On this occasion, we have decided to make the album 'lean & mean'. 10 tracks, around 45 minutes of music & a single CD album. There's plenty more I could say, but that would spoil the surprise ! Oh, OK then. 5 tracks are mixed & ready to go. A further 2 need a couple of 'tweaks' in the mix. 3 other tracks need  some more over dubs & we're done. Watch this space!

I celebrated my birthday last week by taking a trip to Battersea Power Station - something I wanted to do since I purchased Pink Floyd's Animals album, way back in 1977 - Yes this trip has been 33 years in the making!! It was a great day out ( among other things, we paid a visit to the flat where Jimi Hendrix first lived, on moving to London). Pictures from this mad day out can be found in the Picture Gallery.

In a swooping burst of generosity, we decided (at a massive loss to our pockets!) - to allow new fans to purchase both the last two albums in one hit at a VERY special price. This is strictly for a limited period only. Check the merchandising pages for further details.


Hot on the heels of THE TREAT's latest double album opus 'Audio Verite/Deceptive Blends' appearing in U.K music journalist Geoff Barton's Top Ten Best Albums of 2009 in Classic Rock Presents PROG magazine, an American radio presenter has just been given an exclusive interview with THE TREAT Band Leader/Songwriter, Mike Hyder.
Hyder spoke to Chicago based Ben Sommer, who specialises in promoting edgy, political prog rock bands, on his regular pod casts. Keen to introduce THE TREAT to a growing Prog fan base in the U.S., Ben interviewed Mike at length, discussing the history of the band and focusing on the varied and progressive influences of THE TREAT sound. On checking out THE TREAT's music, Ben, who
is also a keen RUSH fan, was able to spot some common ground between both bands. Mike mentioned that an uncanny twist of fate has recently entwined both bands together : e.g.

1. THE TREAT gained their first national print publicity in Aug 2008, in Classic Rock magazine.
RUSH were on the front cover of the mag. 2. Writing in issue 1 of Classic Rock Presents PROG in April 2009, Editor, Jerry Ewing described THE TREAT sound as 'echoes of a modern day FAMILY, combined with the more metallic drive of RUSH'. 3. A track off the new TREAT album 'Audio Verite/Deceptive Blends' was on issue 2 of CR Presents PROG in June 2009, along with a detailed piece on RUSH album cover artwork. 4. THE TREAT's AV/DB album was reviewed in issue 3 of CR Presents PROG in August 2009. Rush were featured on the front cover of the same issue. 5. Most recently, Music Radio Presenter/Interviewer, Ben Sommer broadcasts a 1 hours special with THE TREAT's Mike Hyder, for his ongoing 'Bands Like Rush' series.

Now all THE TREAT need is a support slot with the prog rock veterans when they next come over for their usual Wembley Arena/Birmingham NEC shows. That would be serendipity indeed!

More info : www.bandslikerush.com


Once again, THE TREAT start off a year with a positive bang! The latest edition of Classic Rock Presents PROG, lists it's critics choices of Top 20 best albums of 2009 and senior writer, Geoff Barton - who has been championing the band since hearing 'Phonography' way back in the summer of 2008 - voted the new TREAT album, 'Audio Verite/Deceptive Blends' in his Top Ten best albums of 2009. Naturally we're chuffed to bits, as the album took us around 4 years to make and is a sprawling double album that we put our heart and soul into making. Thanks Geoff!!  


 My goodness, what a year it's been! We've never felt so tired, with so much to do. We thought we would use this space to take stock of what's been happening to and for THE TREAT over the past year, so we have listed a summary below .

THE TREAT 'Phonography' album voted Top 3 best album of 2008. (Results Jan 2009)

THE TREAT played on national BBC Radio 1

THE TREAT championed in the pages of Classic Rock as one of the best up and coming bands to watch out for in 2009!

THE TREAT featured in the first three issues of a brand new British music magazine called PROG..each edition selling out within days of hitting the newsstands!.

Glorious 5 star praise and reviews from the UK and mainland Europe, U.S. & Canada for THE TREAT's 3rd album, the double album opus, 'Audio Verite/Deceptive Blends', released in June 2009.

Independent Radio in the UK and Europe heavily championing and playing new TREAT album.

Work continuing on the fourth TREAT album, scheduled for release sometime in 2010.

'AV/DB' makes top 30 best albums of 2009 on the BCFM Rock Show.

PRS inform us that THE TREAT have been playlisted for several weeks on BBC Radio Guernsey!



We have a limited number of CD's we are selling at a very special price from this site only. Details on the merchandising page.

Have you seen the advert for the new TREAT album 'Audio Verite/Deceptive Blends' published in this month's Shindig! magazine. It's lovely!! Full colour and half a page big!!...Have a look...and immediately afterwards order a copy of the album(!).

We are considering some further advertising in Classic Rock and related mags which cover the prog/psych/classic rock genres to which THE TREAT belong.

In view of band leader, Mike Hyder's recent interview with Classic Rock Presents PROG, both bassist Dom Lash & Multi-Instrumentalist Dave Hart have added some comments, which we have published on the 'Biography' page.

Due to numerous commitments, we were logistically unable to schedule any live performances over the summer, as planned. However, for those of you that are interested in 'live performance'...we have unearthed some footage of Dave Hart's VERY FIRST PERFORMANCE with THE TREAT, on Halloween (October 31st 2005). We are currently editing it and may put a snippet up on the video page in due course. 


October has been and gone my friends, and, as usual, TREAT HQ is a hive of activity. Let me see...in no particular order.....songs from the new TREAT album 'Audio Verite/Deceptive Blends' have been played on a weekly basis this pass month on Belgium radio's oldest rock and metal show, 'Underground'. (see radio playlists for more details). We have had 1000's of hits on THE TREAT myspace page at www.myspace.com/thetreatuk. 100s of supporters have been leaving interesting messages. We thought we would collect them together and add them to this site, which we have, on a brand new 'comment' page. For a short period, we thought we would sell the new TREAT album directly from this site for a recession busting £10.00.

Band leader Mike Hyder recently spoke exclusively to Holly Wright, from Classic Rock Presents PROG, discussing the new TREAT album. The interview will be part of a feature to be published in the mag soon.

The new TREAT album is now available for download from : itunes, Amazon mp3, Napster & Rhapsody.

We forgot to mention, some sparodic recording took place in August and September on tracks pencilled for the 4th TREAT album....yes that's right....90% finished already....watch this space.


Widely read U.S music publication, 'Progression' have just published a glorious review of THE TREAT's new critically acclaimed double album 'Audio Verite/Deceptive Blends'.
The magazine, which specialises in promoting progressive and classic rock music, have given a glorious thumbs up to The Treat's new opus, citing the band's 'Audio Verite/Deceptive Blends' album
as the 'spiritual successor to The Beatles' Abbey Road'. They go onto to describe the band as 'a rare, creative conflagration' and the album as 'an effective brew'.

This is yet another glorious review for The Treat's new album, following hot on the heels of rave reviews published in the UK music press in recent weeks, in Classic Rock, PROG and Rock'n'Reel,
among others, in addition to support from numerous webzines worldwide & specialist radio shows.

This exposure in America comes within days of the album being playlisted on Belgium's long established rock & metal show 'Underground', proving that THE TREAT are not only rising stars in
the UK, but are also making inroads into mainland European and American markets.


Apologies to those of you that read the diary page on this site avidly. Yes, we know we haven't updated it for about 10 weeks. All we can say is for most of July we were swamped with reviews coming in thick and fast, which we have endeavoured to post up on the reviews page, giving interviews, maintaining our contacts with press and radio, fulfilling requests for orders of CDs from our distributor etc. We would have updated this site fully in August, had our internet service providers (and our hosts who rent us webspace for this site) not decided to play various games of 'silly buggers' with us. Things appear to be soring themselves out and now we are in a position to up date. See below for belated up dates for July and August.



This time from CLASSIC ROCK  presents PROG 

The band were given some highly valuable exposure in 'Classic Rock Presents Prog' in August. This magazine is sold to 70000+ people in the UK alone and each edition has sold out within days of hitting the shops. THE TREAT have so far, been featured in all 3 editions of the magazine (march 09, May 09, August 09). Senior staff writer Mick Wall, reviewed THE TREAT's 'Audio Verite/Deceptive Blends' album, raving on about the 'Acoustic' and 'Experimental' sides of the double CD album which he described as 'entertaining, enthralling & effervescent'. He went on to say the songs featured on these 'sides' of the CD capture the 'imagination, individuality & quirkiness of the band'. He concludes by stating that he looks forward to THE TREAT coming up with 'a future masterpiece' - the current release clearly having whetted his appetite.

CLASSIC ROCK Magazine Rave on the new TREAT album

Classic Rock's Editor At Large, Geoff Barton, a Treat supporter since the band's 'Phonography' album, loves the new CD, stating that it is 'impossible to convey the scale and ambition' of the album. He goes on to say that with 'Audio Verite/Deceptive Blends' THE TREAT 'pull off a huge undertaking with


Thumbs up also from R2

In their current edition, the magazine R2 which covers roots/singer-songwriter/folk/rock/world & blues genres, state that the new album 'Audio Verite/Deceptive Blends', has some ‘really good stuff’ of which, the reviewer says  ‘‘Beautiful Way’ is the loveliest’. The publication has reviewed THE TREAT before, but on this occasion given the band a longer, more detailed review - an indication that THE TREAT are being taken seriously by specialist markets such as folk, roots and world music (these styles, among others, being featured on the album). This, in addition to the classic rock, prog and psychedelic genres to which the band usually appeal.


JULY 2009

Since THE TREAT's new album release a month ago, yet more RAVE REVIEWS for the record have been POURING IN. A sample of which are given below. Please go to the REVIEWS PAGE  for full reviews. 


The Editor of the well respected Classic Rock Society Magazine describes THE TREAT as 'a band in a true 21st century progressive fashion'  and the new album as 'the best pop/hard rock album (he's) heard in years'.


The Dutch ‘zine DPRP, state that the band are ‘not short of either material or ambition’, and that they ‘certainly push the envelope creativity-wise whilst retaining their own identity’. The reviewer likes the opening track, This Is The One, which he says ‘grooves hard and has a strong chorus’. He likes the use of the wide range of instruments employed by the band on this album, particularly mentioning On The Waterfront, where the ‘bass clarinet playing adds some interesting textures’ & Sweet Jasmine which is ‘nicely melancholy, with some sensitive piano playing’. The writer regards Beautiful Day as ‘one of the album’s highlights’ & is also taken by the heavier moments on the album, describing Massive Attack as a track which ‘builds slowly and lays on the power chords, culminating in a powerful chorus and some great wah-wah drenched guitar work’. The track Fan The Flames is also commented upon as ‘another strong track carried by an inventive rhythm section’. The reviewer concludes by stating that In My Own Time is a song with an ‘epic rock feel’ which leaves him telling his reviewers this is ‘another good album by The Treat’.


U.S publication 'The Big Takeover' describe 'Audio Verite/Deceptive Blends as 'an explosion of talent'.


Denmark based 'Metal Revolution' describe THE TREAT as ‘one of the best and most underrated bands to emerge in recent years on the UK musical scene’. The reviewer describes ‘Audio Verite/Deceptive Blends’ as being ‘in a league by itself’. The review acknowledges the band’s ‘Rock side’, describing these tracks as having ‘great theatrical atmosphere and big guitar parts, reminding (him) of rock acts such Led Zeppelin, David Bowie & Pink Floyd’. He goes on to say the tracks ‘contain just everything you would like to hear in a rock release; changing tempos, catchy and melodic guitar riffs, shuffling drum beats and above everything very pleasant and fresh sounding vocals’. He also enthuses on the album's ‘Electric Side’, particularly the track ‘Cybernaut’ with it’s ‘Black Sabbath touch to it with nice and dark riffs’. He concludes by stating that the album contains ‘genius and brilliant moments that deserve your attention’.


A review from Blog Critics acknowledge the  'impressive array of old and new guitars and instruments' used to make the music, stating that the 'display of instruments is no mere showcase and each track introduces something new and colourful from the collection'. The reviewer likes the 'delicately performed instrumental “Sweet Jasmine” which 'shimmers nicely' and is particularly taken with 'the mystical “Silent Voices” which 'weaves a smoky vibe as one of the album’s stronger offerings'. He also likes the choice of the closing track 'In My Own Time', which he describes as 'one of the best songs on the album' which is 'tucked away at the end leaving a strong impression'. Overall, in his two page review, the writer describes the album as 'quirky, undeniably eclectic, creative, idiosyncratic, indulgent, brave, experimental, and yes, ambitious'. He acknowledges the album 'draws firstly from a huge range of influences, utilizes a vast collection of instruments, and is somewhat reflective of the constantly changing world in which we live'. The reviewer also states that 'In an age when it is all but impossible to explore boundaries that have already been pushed countless times before, The Treat have decided to attempt to do just that. They have bravely dived in, gone with their instincts, and created a diverse musical experiment'. He concludes by saying the album is 'ever changing, often promising, sometimes frustrating, always surprising, occasionally disappointing, yet never predictable'.

JUNE 2009


(and yes!....we're flattered)

The latest review, published on the day of the album's release,  comes from the 'Let It Rock' 'zine. The reviewer, a long standing Treat fan and supporter since the group's 'In Technicolor' days, loves the new album, particularly noting 'the full-on progressive, Mariachi-tinged assault' of "In My Own Time" & the 'alluring heavy metal smash' "Massive Attack". On the acoustic flavoured numbers he's particularly taken with "Cycles", describing it as 'a tremendous groover with a Moroccan jive in its snake-like charm'. Bliss!. The reviewer also notes the 'powerful theatricality' of "Citizen Of The World". He describes the album as 'an ambitious move' and concludes by advising listeners that it's a record 'best sipped slowly to let its wonders get under the skin. And they will creep in!'


The Swindon (UK) based popular and influential rock & metal 'zine Room 13, also long standing supporters of THE TREAT, have published their review of the album and are full of praise and encouragement for the band and  album.

The reviewer states that with this musically ambitious double album THE TREAT ' have blown the expectations out of the water', going onto say that the record 'showcases the band’s ability to be different'. He enjoys the 'stoner-fuzzbox guitars' of 'Showtime', citing it as a track that sounds like 'David Bowie partying with WASP'. We can imagine it!. One of the reviewer's favourite songs from the album is ‘Drawing Lines’ which he describes as 'a great anthem of a track', which is 'pulling classic rock influences with a dash of The Ramones,  it’s a pure joy to (his) ears'. He also notes the radio-friendly ‘For A Reason’, describing it as  a 'quick-tempo foot-tapper that is catchy with a melodic guitar riff, and a shuffling drum beat. Good stuff'. The review also acknowledges THE TREAT's developing acoustic and ethnic side, in which the track 'Cycles' is described as a 'kaleidoscopic musical mix... and is a head on collision of Folk, Blues, Eastern and a hint of Country that works well'. The reviewer likes the traditional folk flavour of ‘By The Sea’, stating that the song is 'as catchy as scurvy but a whole lot more welcoming!'. He particularly likes the Electric, rockier, side of the band the most, describing ‘Massive Attack’ as 'a blistering track with big, deep guitar riffs and a real Heavy Metal feeling'  & ‘Cybernaut’ with it's 'big Sabbath-esque riffs'. The reviewer concludes by acknowledging that 'The Treat like to try something different, and with each offering you are never disappointed'.



The first review for THE TREAT's 'Audio Verite/Deceptive Blends' album has just been published and what a glorious review it is.

Terrascope online, the UK's best Psychedelic webzine, have described the album as one which 'threatens  to blow your mind wide open', going on to describe the band as being 'Steller' musicians & the album featuring 'some excellent flute and guitar playing' and some 'propelling' bass.  They describe the album as 'a brave experiment' & 'a future classic'.




DJ Jon Wisbey on BCFM played 2 tracks 'blind' on his show on the day he received the promo - based completely on the strength of THE TREAT's previous album 'Phonography.

Both JW on BCFM's Rock Show & DJ Paul Baker on ARFM's Soundscapes show have been playing tracks from the album on their shows for several weeks.

PROG magazine have featured the band in their current issue. Wonderful write up. Colour photo. Track on covermount CD. The mag went on sale on May the 20th and has sold out.

Amazon have already sold numerous copies of the new album on ADVANCE ORDERS alone, such has been the level of anticipation for 'Audio Verite/Deceptive Blends'. We are touched by the level of trust YOU - our supporters - have given us, based on our previous work. Thank You.


MAY 2009

Still 3 weeks away from it's official release and the new TREAT album 'Audio Verite/Deceptive Blends' is already creating a tremendous buzz.

We have been flooded with  comments of praise for the album from industry contacts and supporters alike.

sample of comments pouring in from supporters/fans on our database:

Absolutely blinding totally genius new album guys. I stand in awe of your talent and thank you for this wonderful music. 10/10 -Martin (UK supporter/fan)

Between my son, my husband and myself, your song (Citizen Of the World) is played all day long! - Dara (US supporter/fan)

The album really needs to be heard as a whole to appreciate what you've done!- DJ Paul Baker (UK)

The new album is great, I'm gonna be playing it a lot over the next few months - DJ Jon Wisbey (UK)


20/5/09 : ‘Classic Rock Presents PROG’. Glorious exposure and write up on THE TREAT, describing the new album ‘Audio Verite/Deceptive Blends’ as ‘Impressive’. Colour Photo of the group and track ‘Anger Management’ on the cover mount CD. The magazine has already sold out in most shops.

Radio Playlists


10/5/09 : ‘Showtime’ & ‘Citizen Of The World’

17/5/09 : ‘Farmer Jack’s Tree’

24/5/09 : ‘On The Waterfront’

ARFM : Soundscapes UK

10/5/09 : ‘Drawing Lines’ & ‘Cycles’

17/5/09 : ‘Citizen Of The World’

24/5/09 : 'By The Sea'

APRIL 2009

We can exclusively reveal that the BRAND NEW TREAT ALBUM will be delivered to rockular recordings this week, for us to pass onto our distributors Code 7/PhD.

The album is called 'AUDIO VERITE/DECEPTIVE BLENDS' and is the eagerly awaited follow up to the critically acclaimed 'Phonography' album. 

The album is a Double CD and contains 20 tracks, covering a wider range of styles than on 'Phonography' and sees THE TREAT adding elements of folk, jazz, funk, country & ethnic music to their continuing love of progressive, psychedelic & classic rock styles. THE TREAT have broadened their sonic palette by introducing mandolin, banjo, theremin, sitar, tablas, timpani, melodica & harmonium to enrich their sound yet further.

Ever the purists, THE TREAT have divided the CD into 4 themed 'sides' (2 per CD) to take in 'Rock', 'Acoustic', 'Electric' & 'Experimental' facets of their work.

The album has the usual high production values, excellent musicianship, arranging and songwriting craft that THE TREAT are now known for. The albums come with a full colour lavish 12 page booklet, with many photos and the lyrics to all the songs.

The album cover artwork can be seen on the Merchandising page.

A track from the album has already been warmly received and added to this month's 'Prog' magazine covermount, with the UK press and specialist radio all requesting advance copies to play and review. The album will go on worldwide release on June the 15th 2009.

Copies of the album can be purchased directly from this site as soon as the album is available to us.

2 tracks from the new album have been added to the myspace site at :



MARCH 2009

Here at TREAT headquarters, we have hardly had our feet touch the ground in the past 6 weeks.

 Classic Rock Magazine approached us, requesting to include a new song on the covermount CD for a brand new publication they are about to launch, dedicated to progressive bands. The Magazine is called 'Classic Rock Presents 'Prog'' and will be published every 2 months. The first issue will go on sale on the 25th March and will feature a BRAND NEW TREAT TRACK called 'Citizen Of The World'.

 A mini-epic in the true style of Prog, this song builds from an acoustic folk beginning - complete with eastern modal scales - into a juggernaut heavy rock number with a gargantuan riff, with many musical twists, turns and colours along the way. Lyrically the song is equally ambitious, concerning itself with socio-politics, inspired by the level of dissent we are currently experiencing in the world and calling for harmony and unity. As if to emphasise this further, THE TREAT have featured the use of traditional eastern instruments such as the Tonbak and Daf on this track, which also sees the return of the Sitar to rock music!

The track is a taster from the forthcoming TREAT album which we can now reveal has gone for mastering. Recording and editing on the album was  being done up to the eleventh hour  on some tracks. We hope to make final decisions on the mastering and artwork within the week and have the album sent off for pressing. A scheduled release date of June 1st has been pencilled in.

Watch this space for further details!




We have finished mixing 11 new songs for the next album. We still have a few more to tweak mixes on. The album will go for mastering soon and the artwork is nearly complete. We are very excited about the new album. At the very least it is 'Phonography' multiplied times 10.

Watch this space.



Due to chaotic financial conditions in the world, we have had to revise our prices. We can no longer absorb the cost of postage and packing for overseas customers. However, the pound is so weak at the moment, overseas customers will probably not be effected significantly. Also, packaging/material/transport costs have increased so 'Phonography' will now cost £8.00 We are keeping the Treat T-Shirts at £10.00 for the moment. We hope you will find that these prices are still competitive.


PHONOGRAPHY : Top 3 best album of 2008

THE TREAT's 'Phonography' album has been voted in the Top 3 best albums of 2008 by the BCFM Rock Show. DJ Jon Wisbey has been playing THE TREAT on a regular basis over the past year on his show, broadcast from Bristol, in the UK. The album was voted third best (bronze medal) album by a panel of judges who had this to say about THE TREAT & the 'Phonography' album :

'An interesting band'

'Good, no nonsense rock songs in that good old fashioned way'

'Great musicianship, reminds me in place of early Iron Maiden'

'This album spins tales of war & life with great lyrics'

'There are lots of influences mixed here into a great, listenable whole, with a neat and tidy production'

'This album has a highly distinctive guitar sound'

'This doesn't sound like any other so-called indie rock band I've heard, around at the moment'

'Looking at the album artwork, the singer looks like he's entering a Liam Gallagher lookalike contest. However, thank God, that's where the similarity ends'

'They're a great band'


THE TREAT’s ‘Phonography’ album is in the running for ‘Album of the Year’ on the BCFM Rock Show, broadcast from Bristol, in the UK.

DJ Jon Wisbey has been playing tracks from ‘Phonography’ throughout the year on his Rock Show and the album has made the final listings in his ‘Festive Top Ten’.

If you want to know more details or send Jon an email regarding THE TREAT then you can do so at http://www.myspace.com/stashy_jon

He will be announcing the winner on his BCFM Rock Show on SUNDAY the 4th of JANUARY 2009 between 10.00pm and midnight (UK time)



One of our supporters has had his letter published in the December issue of Classic Rock. He mention's buying a copy of 'Phonography' purely on the strength of the glorious review Geoff Barton gave it and being mightily pleased with the purchase. Another satisfied customer.


To celebrate a fantastic year for THE TREAT we have had made a limited number of special TREAT 'Phonography' Christmas Cards & Mousemats.

A number of reviewers & TREAT supporters have commented on how funky & attractive THE TREAT 'Phonography' cover design is. We agree. So, as a little souvenir/memento  of the album that has raised THE TREAT's profile considerably, we have used the kaleidoscopic design from the album on the cards & mousemats....and very well they've turned out to. Just visit THE TREAT's merchandising page to check it out.


Our distributors Code 7/Phd appear to be doing a good job for us. TREAT CDs can now be purchased from various record retailers in the UK, USA, France, Germany, Denmark & Japan...so far!. (This is in addition to downloads, which have been available for some time from itunes, Napster, Rhapsody & Amazon mp3)



During the last few weeks we have had numerous hits on this site and emails from all over the globe. THE TREAT are winning new supporters from France, Germany, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Russia, The Czech Republic, Malta,  Italy, Serbia, Argentina, Brazil, USA, South Africa,  Australia, Japan, India and of course the UK!

Long may it continue..............!


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who emailed/contacted Classic Rock magazine asking then to feature THE TREAT regularly in their publication.

Your requests have been answered! …..Classic Rock Magazine will be featuring THE TREAT again in the first issue of 2009, as one of the bands to watch out for next year!……Yes, that’s right…the magazine that championed The Answer, Black Stone Cherry et al, are now getting behind THE TREAT!

The issue will come with a cover mount CD featuring a track by THE TREAT. We have been informed the magazine will be on sale around January 10th. Here at Rockular Recordings we are very excited about it, having worked very hard on promoting THE TREAT’s latest album ‘Phonography’. We’re pleased that all our efforts are paying off.



Regular visitors to this site will know that for the past few weeks we have been selling 'Phonography' for £7.00 & both Treat albums bought together for £15.00 - only if purchased direct from this site.  Our supporters from all over the UK and now from Holland, Belgium, Germany, Canada & the USA have been purchasing at this special price, encouraging us to keep the prices low. We will try and keep this price for a little longer. However, as we have just signed a deal with a major national distributor, who also distributes around the world, we may have to bring our website prices 'in line' with the price it will be sold for in HMV, Zavvi etc. This may occur with little or no warning - things are happening with this band so fast, we can barely keep up with events.

Hits! Hits! & more Hits!

THE TREAT website has been steadily gaining an upward trajectory of hits since January 2008. As you can imagine, national exposure in Classic Rock and other music magazines over the summer resulted in a significant increase of visits to this site. Now that we have a national distributor on board, the number of hits over the last month has gone through the roof ! Long may it continue.

Thank you also to all the supporters contacting us at thetreatband@yahoo.co.uk and purchasing CD's through our newly installed Paypal facilities. It's very reassuring to know that you like the band enough to want copies of both albums.  We will keep you posted on developments with the third TREAT album ....it's nearly finished! ...and....well...it's great!....we're VERY excited about it and.....no..I can't tell you anymore.....no I mustn't.....I'ts all under wraps at the moment.......stay tuned...stay tuned....


Rockular Recordings Ltd. which releases all albums and singles by THE TREAT, has just  signed a deal with one of the UK's biggest CD distributors.

 Code 7/PhD distribution will handle all national distribution of Rockular Recordings releases and will also  be handling export of TREAT CD albums throughout the world.

You can now purchase TREAT CD albums from HMV, Zavvi, Amazon, Play.com & all good independent record shops.

Supporters can continue to purchase TREAT CDs & merchandise directly from this site by cheque or paypal.


The interest in 'Phonography' grows and grows. We have had several national write ups in music magazines. Most notably, the legendary Geoff Barton, no less, singing the album's praises in Classic Rock magazine. In addition, the folk/roots/blues/rock magazine, 'Rock'n'Reel also gave the album a glowing review, along with numerous internet zines giving it the thumbs up.

We now have Paypal facilities up and running, after a brief teething problem last month.

Rockular Recordings Ltd, The Treat's record label, will soon be having national distribution. Watch this space.

We are still waiting for further national reviews of the album and some national radio coverage we are working on.

In addition, we are also having some promotional items connected to 'Phonography' made ...hopefully, just in time for Christmas.

Look out for further coverage in national (and international) music magazines and some plays on national radio.

Long may THE TREAT grow from strength to strength.

In between all this activity, we have been cutting further tracks in the studio.

Oh, we also popped along for a photo shoot...and jolly good the pictures have turned out too!...see picture gallery.

If you are one of the many people who have been contacting us at thetreatband@yahoo.co.uk and have bought CD's directly from Rockular Recordings .... Thank you for your support! Stay with us for the long haul...you won't be disappointed.


Wow! what a six weeks it's been! Our heads haven't stopped spinning. Since the coverage in Classic Rock Magazine this month EVERYTHING has gone up 10 notches. We can barely keep up. Hence no diary for July. We were too busy 'doing' to put pen to paper and discuss it.

We have had numerous emails from people  wanting to buy CDs. You can still send us an email at thetreatband@yahoo.co.uk to purchase goods, but we now also accept secure PAYPAL payments. Click on the link where you see the logo on the home page and merchandise page.

    We are adding numerous new supporters to our database and we are getting enquiries from the UK, USA, mainland Europe, Australasia & South Africa.

We sold out of T-shirts a week ago. New stock will be available from Tuesday.

Many new reviews have been published for 'Phonography'. We have added some already. More to come.

Tracks from the album are being played regularly on various stations, most recently on national Belgium radio ('Meadowland' was the track they played-same as on the covermount CD with Classic Rock). We will update the radio playlists section in due course.

We are also working on some new publicity photos and organising some gigs.

In the meantime, we request you to send emails to classicrock@futurenet.co.uk requesting the mag to feature THE TREAT on a regular basis. Ta.

JUNE 2008

 'THE TREAT's 'Phonography' and 'In Technicolor' albums are now available for download from itunes, Napster & amazon mp3. There have been delays getting the tracks to 'go live' at amazon. We are not at fault. We have been promised that the tracks will 'go live' (ie be available for download) at Rhapsody this week.

If anyone has problems finding TREAT music on these sites please let us know ASAP and we will chase after the guilty parties.

We have been a little quiet on this site because we are working on various promotional/artistic items related to THE TREAT. We will keep you posted.

MAY 2008

We have been very busy promoting 'PHONOGRAPHY', especially during the past few weeks. The fruits of our labour will be published on this site in due course. 

APRIL 2008

THE TREAT have all their music available for download on ITUNES. If you like the group and would like to support the band then we encourage you to purchase legal downloads of the band's music. Happy listening.

'Too Late' played on ARFM soundscapes show on Sunday 12th April. Expect to hear another track next week. 'Effervescence' played on CRMK Radio a few days ago. Belgium Radio are regularly playing 'Meadowland'. 

MARCH  2008

ARFM continue to support THE TREAT. DJ Paul Baker played ERASED, MEADOWLAND & MAKE YOU CRAWL on his SOUNDSCAPES show on the 16th March 2008.


It's been difficult to keep our feet on the ground these past few weeks. We have had numerous requests from radio stations and magazines for a copy of 'PHONOGRAPHY'. As far as we can keep track, the following songs from the album have been play listed :

 Radio Benelux FM 106.4 (Belgium)

8/3/08 : Fanfare For The King

 Radio Aktief - 107.6 FM (Belgium)

13/2/08 : Too Late 

20/2/08 : Meadowland

27/2/08 : Make You Crawl

ARFM radio : Soundscapes Show (UK)

10/2/08 : Fanfare For The King & Effervescence

 17/2/08 : Clutching At Jagged Glass

24/2/08 : Bolivian Diary & Too Late

BBC Radio Oxford (UK)

Late 2007 : Haitian Mourning Dress


We are currently very busy promoting the new TREAT album PHONOGRAPHY, around the world. The album is being added to radio playlists in the UK and abroad and reviews are coming in thick and fast from every region in the globe. Check back regularly to see developments.

DJ Paul Baker who hosts the Soundscapes show on www.arfm.co.uk played 'Effervescence' and 'Fanfare For The King' on his show on Sunday 10th February. He played 'Clutching At Jagged Glass' on the 17th February. Tune in on February 24th to see if he picks another track from the album. 

Album tracks from 'Phonography' have also been played on totalrock.com recently.

Go to the reviews page to read the latest reviews for the album.


We have been very busy through most of November and December, partly promoting our new album 'PHONOGRAPHY' and partly working on some projects which we will reveal in 2008.

In the meantime, we have compiled a 'manifesto' of sorts, to any newcomers who may not 'get' what THE TREAT are all about.


In an age when lawyers and accountants run the music industry and often force artists to fit a watered down ‘market’ of ever diminishing returns, producing an array of albums all of which could have been made by the same band in one weekend using one idea written on the back of a postage stamp, THE TREAT have set about independently carving their own niche and unique style. Uncompromising and singular in their vision, producing music of the highest quality they can achieve.

Not for THE TREAT, is the term ‘Rock’ a lazy bi-word for Heavy Metal, in all it’s extreme current forms. If you are looking for spitting capsules of blood, cliched anvil shaped logos, cartoon drawings of motorbikes & men with impossibly shaped torsos, songs about King Arthur/the Devil/Women as sex objects etc. YOU WON’T FIND THEM HERE. Similarly, if you get a tingle listening to perpetually unimaginative guitar arrangements featuring a detuned chord stolen off a Black Sabbath record, chugging along relentlessly throughout the course of an album, with a ‘singer’, sounding like he’s got a day job doing sound effects for horror films, writing about death/suicide/killing your parents/guns/violence/killing anyone/sodomy/child abuse/misery in general, then MOVE ON, NOW. THE TREAT are NOT the band for you.

If, however you would like to hear and support a group of musicians who play with passion and heart, music they truly enjoy and believe in, which has it’s roots in traditional CLASSIC ROCK, to which they have added a modern sheen, then READ ON. For YOU, THE TREAT could be just that. Rock with a muscular centre beating at it’s heart, but which has the vision, the ability and spirit of adventure, to incorporate and acknowledge the shades of blues, folk, ethnic, prog, psychedelia and whatever else happens to be influencing the band at the time. Albums, as John Lennon once said, are often a diary of a band and record where the group are, artistically, at a given point. THE TREAT are a confident group, furrowing their own artistic path, who refuse to be subservient to passing vagaries of fashion, or to be bludgeoned into submission of whatever happens to be ‘cool’ that week, in the eyes of a handful of self-styled dimwits.

No stone is unturned with THE TREAT. Apart from their eclectic musical style, they sing about what they believe in. Much of what they cover lyrically are universal themes that a wide range of listeners from different backgrounds and cultural hues can appreciate and feel a part of. THE TREAT have no desire to wilfully be lyrically obtuse for the sake of it. The guitarist, who leads the band, works on building thoughtful, imaginative guitar parts that incorporate both electric and acoustic styles, where rhythm playing is as important as any lead flourishes or solos, and above all, where the guitar, together with the arrangements of other instruments enhance THE SONG. Way too many current records are sonically unsatisfying to listen to . Too much low end (dance/hip-hop), too much high end (pop). THE TREAT like to produce albums which give the listener the complete sonic experience. Apart from the colours produced by a variety of tones in the guitar parts, THE TREAT often experiment with instruments, not normally associated with rock these days, such as flute, bass clarinet, African percussion etc. THE TREAT are not into ‘American Mixes’. You know the type. The vocal and drums way too high; 7 or 8 guitars with the same tone playing the same part, reducing the guitar to the sound of a ‘pad’; tinny, pinging bass buried in the mix. Probably great to listen to, when heavily compressed, blaring out of a car radio on a highway in L.A. Unsatisfying for the rest of us.

By now, those of you that have followed the band’s progress over two albums and have witnessed the group’s electric and acoustic shows will know THE TREAT are here for the long haul. No one in THE TREAT has been to stage school; had a part in Eastenders; won a television talent show; had a modelling career, or looks at music as another stepping stone to keeping their name in the papers for the sake of it. Music is way too precious to THE TREAT. They have grown up listening to rock music’s rich heritage and legacy and are doing their best to add to it. THE TREAT are not interested in being a ‘flash in the pan’. Surely, you know what we mean ? The type of band that gets 2 NME front covers, glossy pics showing off high cheekbones & pouting lips, two hit singles, one halfway decent album and gets jettisoned to the dustbin of oblivion 18 months after the NME ‘discovered’ them as the next big thing. Tragic.

So, if you are looking for a band that have their roots in classic rock, but have their own unique, eclectic spin and are not afraid to experiment or take chances then you should be adding THE TREAT to your CD collection. By turns passionate, exhilarating, fun, dark, melodic and joyous, one of the best bands to emerge in recent years on the music scene in the UK. THE TREAT are indeed just that.


The Treat played another set at The Wheatsheaf on Wednesday November the 3rd. This was a short acoustic set, well received with a good response. 


Agent 555/The Hunger/Roaming/Lepers & Deities


BBC Oxford Radio played a song from the brand new TREAT album, PHONOGRAPHY,  on 22nd September. 

The Download Team played 'Haitian Mourning Dress' and gave the series of concerts the band are playing a mention, in addition to giving Rockular Recordings a plug. Result.

'Haitian' has already been played on radio at least once before, when I gave an interview to Richard Allen on the Magazine Show and played him monitor mixes of some of the album cuts we were working on at the time.

So far three shows have been performed, since PHONOGRAPHY has been released.


Acoustic Show




Acoustic Show




Electric Show





Songs from the brand new TREAT album, PHONOGRAPHY, will be played on BBC Oxford Radio on Saturday 22nd September between 6 and 7 pm.



To Celebrate the release of their new album PHONOGRAPHY,

The Treat will be playing FOUR shows during the next two weeks in their hometown of Oxford (UK).


Wheatsheaf, High st. Oxford

Tue 25th Sept after 9 30pm

Magazine Launch for 'Ox On' in which THE TREAT will be featured.


Oxford Arts Festival

Fri 28th Sept @ Thirst Lodge



Oxford Arts Festival

Sun 30th Sept @ Oxford & Cherwell College


The Arts festival is raising money for Dr. Bernardo's Children Charity and Age Concern for the elderly.


Wheatsheaf, High st. Oxford

Wed 3rd October after 9 30pm

Magazine Launch for 'Ox On' in which THE TREAT will be featured.


Watch out for reviews/news on THE TREAT in the Oxford Mail & Oxford Courier in the next couple of weeks.



We have just been informed that a significant number of emails that have been posted to us from this site have NOT been forwarded on to us, thanks to our  providers at Demon Internet.

Consequently, we now have hundreds (literally!!!) of back logged emails to go through.

If you are among the people who have sent us an email from this site and not had a response, it's because your email has not got through. Please repost you message/request/enquiry to us and we will get back to you .a.s.a.p.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.






Available to purchase exclusively from www.thetreat.co.uk for the first few weeks, before it's distributed for sale in specialist shops.

See homepage and merchandising page for details.


Here we are in the third week of August and still no new Treat album. It is a matter of days now. As a taster, we have put up the artwork of the album cover for you to enjoy. Please remember though, all the art work is copyrighted and its copying or reproduction without our consent is strictly prohibited.

JULY 2007


Here we were in the first week of July, expecting copies of the new Treat album 'Phonography' to be available to the public by the end of the month. Not so.

Without going into unnecessary details, the release has been held up at the manufacturing stage due to a lack of a barcode, which we thought we had already dealt with.

It's all been sorted out now and we are happy to say, fingers crossed, the album will be available to buy from this site within the next couple of weeks. National distribution will take a little longer.

A happy bi-product of these events is that Rockular Recordings Ltd. is now a member of the BPI (British Phonographic Industry) and is recognised as a small independent British label, and has access to the benefits enjoyed by other British labels, be it EMI, Virgin or whoever.

Our star shines brighter with every turn.

Watch this space!!


Another satisfying performance by The Treat took place on Saturday July 7th, to raise awareness of climate change.

The concert, held at the East Oxford Community Centre in Cowley, Oxford, was a benefit show, raising money and awareness for projects dealing with the effects of climate change and global warming.

The Treat duly picked an appropriate set, playing songs like 'Falcon And The Iron Rain' and 'The Deathday Parties', which was specially dedicated to Bush & Blair.

The complete set list for the gig was :



 The Treat will be performing an acoustic show on Saturday July 7th at the East Oxford Community Centre on Cowley Road. This is a fund raising event to raise awareness of climate change. The Treat are scheduled to take the stage, sometime between 9.30pm and 10pm, to perform a 30 minute set. Some new songs are expected to be performed.


We have spent the last two weeks of June getting the new Treat album mastered, listening to it back on every conceivable type of CD player : expensive Hi-Fi (It sounds AWESOME!!) ; Discman (great for getting the maximum stereo panning effects) ; computers ; DVD player ; Ghetto Blaster (yes- even that!). Having past such a rigorous listening test, we have approved the master and it goes to be pressed this week.

The artwork is stunning, but needed a few tweaks. We began to feel like Jimmy Page, sending the artwork back for Led Zep's Houses of the Holy album, again and again.

Believe us, these meticulous details make for a better audio/visual experience. Let us spell it out to you : THIS RECORD IS AS GOOD AS ANYTHING THAT'S OUT THERE , AND BETTER THAN MOST!.  

JUNE 2007

Brand new Treat song premiered to enthusiastic response.

The Treat were one of some 14 acts, booked to play  at The Delicious Music Festival held on Sat 16th June in Arncott, near Bicester.

Playing a 30 minute acoustic set, the band performed a brand new song to an enthusiastic response. The track, called 'Lepers & Deities', was written by Mike, especially to be performed on 12-string acoustic guitar and is slightly influenced by Jeff Buckley & Peter Hammill, with a good dose of Led Zep IV era Jimmy Page thrown in for good measure. Dave plays a doombek (African drum), to enhance the song's wonderful trance like quality.

The set list played :


MAY 2007

The gigs just keep getting better!!

 Following hot on the heels of The Treat's recent well received performance at The Market Tavern, the band have been re-booked to perform at an all day festival in Oxfordshire.

The Treat will be performing at The Delicious Music Festival on Saturday June 16th, held at The Plough Pub in Arncott, near Bicester, Oxfordshire.

The Treat will be performing a 30 minute acoustic set at 8pm, mixing new songs from the soon to be released new Treat album, with established live favourites.

Market Tavern Gig

Saturday 26th May 2007 Oxford

The Treat performed their best gig yet with the current line up of Mike on Guitar, Dom on Bass & Dave on drums.

Performing as Co-Headliners on the last night of The Tavern's use as a music venue, The Treat's performance was tight and confident and warmly received.

Playing songs from their soon to be released new album, along with other stage favourites, the band were satisfied with their performance, playing a short concise 30 minute set. Such was their impact, they have been booked to play an open air festival in Oxfordshire in three weeks time, by the same promoter.


Make You Crawl/Too Late/Agent 555/For A Reason/Effervescence/Fanfare For The King 

APRIL  2007

Another memorable recording session took place for us, during the last week of this month. Our friend Jeff popped down for a few hours from his busy schedule working in West End musicals for Andrew Lloyd Webber, and laid down some tasteful Hammond Organ playing on a number of Treat tracks, two of which will appear on the new Treat album.

We have been holding up the release of the album, specifically for the Hammond  and electric piano parts. There have been times when I thought  we might let it out without them, but I'm glad I stuck to my guns as the tracks now sound FABULOUS (They were pretty good before, by the way-Ed.)

Through this entire recording period, which began in June 2005 and still continues, I feel I've enhanced my knowledge and skills as a Producer, nursing and coaxing the very best performances out of Dom and David and other musicians who have done sessions for us.

As an experienced songwriter, I am constantly aware of how crucial arrangements are to a song, and the colour and texture of the instruments used to play them,  not to mention the players performing with the right feel, groove, vibe, tightness & studio discipline necessary for the song to come alive the way I intended it in my head. 

In Dom and Dave, I have two musicians who understand my song writing and know how to play tastefully with the right level of restraint, to help make good songs sound great. As Dave often says, 'Mike bakes the cake and the rest of us add the icing'.

It's great to play with musicians who work out parts and embellishments which are appropriate for the song, rather than use a good song as a vehicle to fly an ego-ship and show off ( In the increasingly distant past, I've worked with a few people like that and they have been shown the door very quickly!).

The Treat, and if I do say so, myself as Producer/Bandleader, are beginning to acquire a reputation  for setting high standards of performance, recording and musicianship, especially locally. Every musician who has done a session for us since June 2005 has delivered and done a great job.


Saturday 14th April saw The Treat perform their first full electric show in nearly two years. It was our first gig with Dave Hart playing acoustic drums and I'm pleased to say, it was a great success. This is, without question, the best line up of The Treat to date. The three of us have proved to ourselves and audiences that we can play 'hard and heavy' and 'light and quiet', not only in the studio, but live as well.

As audience response grows with each gig, we are now on a mission to play as frequently as possible, especially with the completion of the new album imminent. The Treat will be performing again in May at a venue in Oxford. Check back at this site for details soon.


Make You Crawl/Too Late/On The Waterfront/For A Reason/The Hunger/Agent 555/Roaming/Fanfare For The King

MARCH  2007

The Treat played their first show of 2007 at The Jericho Tavern, last Thursday (22nd March) to a supportive and enthusiastic crowd. The Treat performed an acoustic set, mixing new songs with live favourites from the 'In Technicolor' album. 

SET LIST for the show :

 Agent 555/For A Reason/Falcon & The Iron Rain/Citizen Of The World/On The Waterfront/The Hunger

The band enjoyed performing at the Jericho Tavern and will return to play there on Saturday 14th 2007.


The Treat will be performing on Thursday 22nd March 2007 at The Jericho Tavern, Walton Street, Oxford, on the 'Crosstown Traffic' night. 

The Treat will return to the Jericho Tavern to perform again on Saturday 14th April, on the 'Music Box' night. On this occasion The Treat will headline, performing a 40 minute set. Tickets £5.00 (£4.00 with a flyer). 8 pm - 12 midnight. 


2006 was by far the most productive and creative year for The Treat. We would be fortunate indeed to be as productive this year. However, everything comes at a price, and I'm afraid I paid for it by crashing and burning over the Xmas/New year period. Exhaustion, stress, overwork, all lead to a prolonged period of ill health, from which I'm now recovering, fitter and stronger. Soon, to be fully recovered and focusing on the release of the new Treat album and a series of gigs for the spring. Watch this space.



The Treat played an acoustic show to a packed crowd at The Port Mahon on Thursday 7th December.

Our first 'proper' gig in 6 months, we premiered a number of new songs in front of a responsive and appreciative audience. After many months of recording sessions in the studio, it was good to get out in front of an audience again.


Falcon And The Iron Rain/ Agent 555/ Bougainvilleas In The Sand/ The Deathday Parties/ On The Waterfront/ Valerie

We will be back in the new year with more gigs!


Yet more marathon studio sessions before Xmas. Dom was in this last weekend (9th December) to lay down the bass parts for a number of new Treat tracks, including 3 that he has written himself. I have been recording acoustic and electric guitar parts for several songs, along with lead and backing vocals.


At a moment's notice, Dave and I decided to give an impromptu performance of a new acoustic number at the Catweazle Club in Oxford, last Thursday (Nov 30th), as a warm up for our acoustic show next week at Port Mahon. We played 'Falcon And The Iron Rain' to an enthusiastic audience, that gave us a huge round of applause. Many thanks.


We have decided to play an all acoustic set for our Port Mahon appearance and will be playing songs from the forthcoming album, some old favourites and some new songs never played in concert before.

We are currently organising some live concert appearances in Oxford and elsewhere, which should take place over the next couple of months.

In the meantime, recording continues. November 12th saw the recording of drum parts for 5 new songs (!).

The mastering process has begun for the new album. Artwork is currently under review.


Due to massive 'studio tan' & also numerous people asking us when we are next performing live, we have arranged a small club performance at the Port Mahon in St. Clements, near The Plain in Oxford (UK).  Doors open at 7.30pm. Check with venue for prices.

We intend to perform some songs from the forthcoming Treat album, plus some old favourites from the 'In Technicolor' CD. We have played a number of electric shows in the past and recently some acoustic ones. On this occasion we will attempt to mix both together during the concert.


 Another mind blowing recording session for The Treat took place over the first weekend of this month. We are working on a sound collage and much experimenting took place using finger cymbals, a Chinese gong and orchestral tympani. The Tymps were used on IN MY OWN TIME & SILENT VOICES and all over the epic MURDERS INTERNATIONAL. This last track started off being 4 and a half minutes long, then 9 minutes then 18. I wrote and added further sections and the track ballooned to 28 minutes and is currently at 32 minutes. It's the longest, most ambitious work I have ever undertaken as a songwriter.  

We also had time to tweak mixes for MAKE YOU CRAWL, THE DEATHDAY PARTIES & BLACK CAT WHITES, all of which sound STUNNING!!.

I have been approached by several promoters regarding gigs and we are currently organising some gigs in Oxford and possibly London.

Thank you for your continued interest and support.


As we are getting closer to a release date for the second Treat album, we have started sending out a few mixes of some tracks. 'Fanfare For The King' has received a great response from people in the industry, some going as far as saying that the album is going to be 'huge'.

Experienced as we are, we are flattered, but will remain focused. So far 'Fanfare' and 'Effervescence' have been mixed to my satisfaction. A few tweaks remain on 'Black Cat', 'Make You Crawl', 'Erased', 'Haitian' and 'Meadowland'. We have just done a remix of 'Deathday Parties' which is the best yet.

Sonically, this album is 10 steps further along than 'In Technicolor'. When you get to hear it, we hope you will agree that it has been well worth the wait.


This month has started with an exhausting session in the studio making cuts to the epic long track we are in the middle of recording. Also, we finally got around to doing a first mix of EFFERVESCENCE. It's absolutely stunning. I can't wait for the album to be finished and I am trying my best to meet with the self-imposed deadline.

I've also written a few new songs. This level of creativity has been unprecedented in my life. It's like a tap I can't turn off.

So far the songwriting has veered from hard rock, blues, folk, country, dadaist, eastern/african world music to electronic/experimental, spanish & progressive rock.

This, all in the space of 15 months. Rock On!



 More intense recording has taken place since I last blogged on here. Two marathon sessions recording glockenspiel and flute and another recording various acoustic guitar parts. This has been my first opportunity to record with a lovely Martin I have had for some time, but never recorded with. The tone and colour of the recorded instrument is really quite satisfying.

We have some keyboard parts to complete and that will wrap up the recording of the next album, the release of which has now been set back to October.



The last two weeks have seen some intense rehearsing of new songs I have written for The Treat. One of which is a section of a much longer piece, called 'Murders International'. Essentially a socio-political take on current world affairs and then some. One section refers to the bombings of july 2005 in London. We were recording the track on the night of August the 9th. Little did we know 20 miles away police were raiding houses looking for suspects allegedly planning a repeat campaign of bombings!. How's that for a Page/Crowley vibe. 

David has been playing Glockenspiel and flute on the new tracks and I'm using my 12 string acoustic guitar to add to the armoury of guitar sounds and effects I already have. Dom has been busy sketching out some parts for a piece he's been working on.

At some stage we MUST gig again soon. However we are on such a roll creatively, I'm loathe to stop it, just in case the 'connection' breaks and we can't get it back. So far we are up to about 40 songs.

The mixes for 'Meadowland' and 'Fanfare For The King' sound awesome!!! Just a few more tweaks on 'Haitian Mourning Dress' and 'The Deathday Parties'. Perhaps a slight tweak on 'Erased'.  We are about halfway there with the mixes. The album is definitely a 10 stage progression from 'In Technicolor'.

JULY 2006

Completed a new mix for 'The Deathday Parties' which sounds awesome. Can't wait for you all to hear it on the new record.


We've been mixing some more tracks for the forthcoming album. 'Fanfare For The King', which is a little 'Foo Fighters' meets Ronnie James Dio era 'Rainbow'.

A second track 'Make You Crawl' is ear marked to be  the next single. My 'Superunknown' era 'Soundgarden' influences helped to shape that track. Dom is right on the money with his bass playing on that one.   

We also mixed a third track 'The Deathday Parties' which is an anti-war/political song, which I was prompted to write when USA/British foreign policies gave themselves licence to walk into Iraq and bomb many civilians to smithereens to get at the oil....ooops...I mean search for weapons of mass destruction (still haven't found them, have we lads....!!!???). With the recent bombings of Lebanon by Israel, the song has more relevance than ever before.

A forth track 'Clutching At Jagged Glass' has quite a bit of experimentation on it, particularly with the vocals and microphone placement. Its a little 'Heroes' era Bowie meets 'Red' period King Crimson.

We will probably need to tweak these mixes before they get released, but at least we are two-thirds of the way to completion.


Just returned from the Cornbury Music Festival in Oxfordshire, where I spent a large part of the weekend chilling out in the VIP area backstage, mingling with friends, musicians (Robyn Hitchcock) and celebrities (Jeremy Clarkson, Ross Kemp).


Gave a 15 minute live radio broadcast interview from the festival to Richard Allen, on the Magazine Programme, updating him on all things The Treat. He played 'Agent 555'.


A fourth track, 'ERASED',  has been mixed and is sounding good. I asked Dom, our bassist, to add some Wurlitzer electric piano onto the track. He played very tastefully and the results have been mixed into the final master.

I have finally recorded a lead vocal take for 'FANFARE FOR THE KING' which I am extremely pleased with. Think Ronnie James Dio meets Dave Grohl meets Mike Hyder of The Treat!.

In addition lead vocals and percussion have been added to 'TOO LATE', to give it that Black Crowes/Faces vibe.

Work continues on our world music track, 'CYCLES', which will appear on the album we have scheduled for next year.

JUNE 2006


A third song called 'Black Cat Whites' has been mixed. It is a song I wrote about my beautiful cat 'Blackie'.

Writing songs about cats/dogs is totally acceptable, in my opinion. Think of Paul McCartney : In 1968 he wrote 'Martha My Dear' about his sheep dog Martha, for the Beatles White Album. Robert Plant wrote 'Bron-yr-Stomp' for Led Zeppelin III,  about walking with his dog (strider) along country lanes in Wales. Freddie Mercury dedicated his first solo album 'Mr Bad Guy' after his cat Jerry.

The song could have been called 'Black Cat Blues'. The 'blues' has been replaced by 'whites' as an affectionate homage to Vivian  Stanshall of the Bonzo Dog Dooh-dah band. In response to several small minded critics suggesting that 'white' men couldn't play the 'blues', Vivian suggested that 'blue' men couldn't play the 'whites'.

On a technical note, I'm particularly happy with my clean tone rhythm guitar playing on the verses. Reminds me of Barrett era Floyd -  even though I played the parts on a Les Paul-not a fender Tele. Dom's Fender precision bass was played through the usual Ampeg rig, but using some of my guitar effects pedals to add colour to the sound. John, who deps for us throughout this album, did a good job with the drum parts.

 And yes, it's really turned out quite nicely.



 We began mixing songs we selected for the forthcoming Treat album this week. The results are nothing short of FANTASTIC!!

We spent many months recording, getting the sounds right, bringing in vintage valve compressors, using an array of instruments, top of the range mics, amps and backline, working on arrangements and sounds. It's all paid off.

So far, two tracks have been mixed.

One is an acoustic blues number called 'Haitian Mourning Dress' which I wrote in Hawaii, which is part Robert johnson, part classic late sixties Stones and of course lashings of The Treat. Eat your heart out Jack White!!! You wish you could sound this good and this authentic mutha f**ka!

The other is an acoustic folk/rock piece called 'Meadowland', inspired by Cream (That's jack, Ginger and Eric ---not some trendy dance remixer!). This track has turned out rather psychedelic and very British. It features some great double bass playing from Dom and probably the best lap steel slide guitar playing I've ever committed  to a recording. I've played it back to back with Gilmour's playing on Floyd albums, with my head held high.

This is going to be a great album. I know it. Watch this space.  


Hello again! Having taken a break away from the studio, I'm bracing myself for the unenviable task of mixing some 30 songs (!). This is in addition to 10 brand new songs that are ready to be recorded. When will it all end??? I have no idea. Just take it that the last 12 months have been THE MOST CREATIVE musical period in my life BAR NONE. The closest parallel I can think of is the string of great songs/albums The Stones put out starting with Beggar's Banquet and ending with Exile on main St.

I have been experimenting with all manner of guitars and effects. Pushing my voice in all directions. Broadening my songwriting style. Dom has been playing a great deal of Double Bass and also electric Bass as well as some keyboards. David has so far contributed Bass Clarinet, Djembi, Didgeridoo, Melodica and Tablas.

We now have about a 1000 new friends on my space. Add your name if you wish.

We will be playing some gigs, but the music that is being recorded takes priority, as I feel we are really capturing a moment in the band's history.

MAY 2006

Another 6 new songs written, waiting to be recorded with the band. This past year (June 2005-May2006) has been one of the most fertile and creative times of my life. At the risk of sounding big-headed, I'm having my Paul McCartney 'Revolver' moment.

In Dom Lash (Treat Bassist) and David Hart (Treat Multi-Instrumentalist/Percussionist), along with John Halliday (Depping on drums), I have found musicians of equal strength to me, and crucially, people who can interpret my songwriting in an appropriate manner. Add to that, occasional guests we have on our sessions to embellish the songs and the results fit the criteria 'the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts'. 

So far, we have about 30 or so songs recorded and more are pouring out. Some are at an advanced mixing stage and some have to be mixed from scratch. 

The much delayed follow up to 'In Technicolor' is shaping up extremely well and we have now settled on a track listing and a running order to the songs. This album will be at least as good as 'In Technicolor'. First signs from the feedback I have received from a select group of people that have heard some of the rough mixes are that it is a ten stage progression up from 'In Technicolor'.

 Speaking of 'In Technicolor' - the album that started all this off - expect a few more reviews for it in forthcoming weeks. This album was built to last and it still has legs!!. Reviews will be up on the reviews page in due course.

With all this studio activity and preparation for the new Treat album, we have had very little time to organise any gigs. This will be rectified soon. Please be patient.

APRIL 2006

Having worked my socks off since May 2005 on the new Treat albums, I've been on a short break overseas. I've just returned from sunny Florida, with a few more songs written and a few further music biz contacts. I'm heading back into the studio to start mixing about a dozen tracks which should be out on the next album in the next couple of months. The remaining tracks should be out by the end of the year.  And yes, we will start gigging again soon. 


A big thank you to all our supporters who came along to see our acoustic show at The Barfly in London on April 2nd. We really appreciated it. It was our first gig in London for over a year, our first full gig with our new multi-instrumentalist David Hart and our third ever acoustic show. Not a band to make things easy for ourselves, we played some brand new songs which have never been performed live before.


The Hunger/For A Reason/Haitian Mourning Dress/Meadowland/On The Waterfront/Citizen Of The World/Agent 555


Dom has been in the studio recently, as I mentioned he would be, and added some very tasteful Wurlitzer electric piano sounds to three of tracks which will be on the new record. He also added some organ parts to another track which will be on the album due out at the end of the year (we're working on two at the same time, you know!)

Various members of the Treat family are still busy in the studio. Personally, I've had permanent studio tan since last summer. Our newest recruit, multi- intrumentalist David Hart has done us proud by adding some melodica, bass clarinet and Djembe to some of the songs. I've been no slouch either, composing a further 3 tracks for the group, bringing the total up to 26 (!) new tracks. Oh, and I played bongos on one track. Dom will be flexing his Keyboard chops on several songs.


Yes, we know we've been saying that for months, but we are getting closer to a finished album.

Recording for the follow up to 'In Technicolor' began in June 2005 and is still in progress (!) . So far we have recorded 23 songs, of which 12 should appear on the next album, due out, hopefully, within the next 3 months. We will continue recording further tracks to put to the 11 outstanding tracks and have another  album ready by the end of the year. Nearly all the songs have been 'road tested' (performed) in front of audiences, to good effect.

We have retained our neo-classic rock roots, but also extended our palette to incorporate other styles as well.

Dom is playing electric, as well as double bass and bowed bass. He's also having a go at keyboards.

I am handling all the lead vocals, most of the backing vocals and, of course, all the guitars (Electric lead and rhythm guitars, 6 and 12 string acoustic guitars & dobro slide guitar). In addition I'm playing a bit of Mandolin, Banjo, Sitar, Harmonium and Theramin.

Our friend John is once again, handling drum duties, as he did on 'In Technicolor'.

The newest recruit to The Treat family is Purple Dave. He has already contributed a Tabla performance to one of the new songs and is about to add Bass Clarinet, African drums and possibly Melodica to some of the new tracks. He may well be playing drums for The Treat in the near future.

We feel the new material is a 10 stage progression on what has been before. The Treat will be performing some new songs plus some faves from 'In Technicolor' at our next gig in London. It will also be Purple Dave's first 'full' gig with The Treat.

See you there.


Barfly Camden

Sunday April 2nd 2006 

Tickets £3.00 each.

To buy in advance

contact info@thetreat.demon.co.uk



The Treat performed an impromptu set at Cafe Cleo for a private gathering of friends and supporters.

They performed The Hunger/Roaming/For A Reason/Agent 555 to a rapturous crowd of enthusiastic supporters.


The Treat also have an official site on www.Myspace.com and having been given the blessing of www.isounds.com

In addition, a number of new reviews have emerged for 'In Technicolor' and they have been posted up on the reviews page.


The band have been busy recording and on the last count have 23 new songs, in different stages of completion. A selection of these will make the new album, out in the spring of 2006.





Thank you!, everyone who attended The Treat's gig at the Beard Museum (Purple Turtle) in Oxford. The gig was one of the best we have played, with a great vibe. Thanks to Jamie for booking us and doing a good job with the promotion. Thanks to everyone for listening to us in this intimate setting, playing acoustically. We managed to premier FIVE new songs. 'Purple' Dave, a tabla player and percussionist we have been working with recently, jammed onstage with us. Cool.


   For A Reason/The Hunger/Too Late/Haitian Mourning Dress/Meadowland/The Dragon Den/Citizen Of The World/Agent555


Founder member, band leader and songwriter/guitarist, Mike Hyder gave  an interview to Richard Allen, which was  broadcast on Wednesday 19th October 2005. Rough mixes of 2 new tracks, 'Haitian Mourning Dress' & 'For A Reason' were aired on the show.

The Treat have a number of guests lined up to appear on their forthcoming albums. Some of these guests may join them on stage in Oxford and London. WATCH THIS SPACE.


 The Treat have been very busy in the studio, recording many new tracks. It is now clear that they have enough material for two albums, one of which will (hopefully) appear before Christmas.

It is likely that the first of the two albums will contain material the band have performed and road tested in front of audiences for the past year and a half.

The second of the two albums will feature  brand new compositions, written by Treat songwriter and guitarist, Mike Hyder, over the summer of 2005.

Material from both these albums, as well as favourites from the 'In Technicolor' album will be performed  during their acoustic gig in October.


Treat band leader and guitarist/songwriter, Mike Hyder was featured on Wed 31st August edition of the Magazine show at skywaveradio.com. DJ Richard Allen played the song 'All This And More' from his solo album 'Dark Glamour' 


HMV, Oxford have a new stock of The Treat's 'in Technicolor' CD available, having recently sold out of copies of the album. PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW!!


The Treat are celebrating their single 'Agent 555' s 10th week at number 1 in the Magazine listener's chart on Skywave radio. The single is off  their 'in Technicolor' album, itself playlisted as album of the week for 8 weeks on the Magazine show.

For those of you interested in details on such matters, the song's progress on the chart has been as follows.

February 2nd 2005 : DJ Richard Allen plays The Treat for the first time on his Magazine show. The song featured is 'Agent 555'.

February 9th - March 30th 2005 : The Treat's debut album 'In Technicolor' is the featured album on Richard Allen's Magazine show. One track a week is played off the album in the following order.

Don't Think Twice/Let's Get Beautiful/Hypertonic/Rock You/24/7/Nightclubbing/The Hunger

April 27th 2005 : 'Agent 555' enters The Magazine show listener's chart at no.4., where it stays for 2 weeks

May 11th 2005 : 'Agent 555' moves up to no. 3 for 1 week.

May 18th 2005 : 'Agent 555' moves to no. 2 where it stays for 3 weeks.

June 8th 2005 : 'Agent 555' finally reaches no. 1 where it stays for 6 weeks.

July 20th 2005 : 'Agent 555' drops to no.2 for 1 week.

July 27th 2005 : 'Agent 555' moves back to no. 1. Richard Allen interviews Mike Hyder about the success of the song with listener's of the Magazine show.

August 24th 2005: 'Agent 555' drops to number 2.  In subsequent weeks it stays at no. 2, then falls to number 3 for two weeks.

September 28st 2005: 'Agent 555' drops to no. 5. 

October 12th 2005: 'Agent 555' drops out of the top 5 after 24 weeks spent on the chart, 10 of which were at number 1!.  


JULY 2005

The recent Treat Tour Of Oxford has been an interesting, and at times joyous, frustrating, exciting, disappointing, and fun period for us.

The gigs were organised to give us a break from rehearsals and recording for the new Treat album.

 The Elm Tree gig was particularly memorable, with a good turnout and enthusiastic support for the band. We also played extremely well and the sound, for a pub venue, was good. The promoter insisted we play there again, and we will. We sold a number of CD's to people who witnessed us on the night. 

The organisation at Port Mahon is 'loose' to say the least, with band members having to collect the ticket money themselves on the door, without prior notice. However, the turnout and response was good, the sound reasonable and our performance better than average.

The Kiss Bar gig was easily the worst of the whole tour. In fact, as a founder member of the band, I can say it was probably the worst gig the band has played since it formed four years ago. The turnout was abysmal. The response lacklustre. Our performance, dreadful.

In complete contrast, our support slot at the Who's Next gig in Wantage, was one of the best gigs and very satisfying. The headliners were generous enough to share their PA with us. We played extremely well, in front of a large, enthusiastic and responsive crowd and won over many new supporters. I personally spent half an hour chatting to various people, answering questions about the band and adding people to our growing Treat mailing list. Long may gigs of this kind continue!.

The Zodiac is a funny old venue. For all it's reputation, we have yet to have a thoroughly satisfying evening there. The sound has always veered between average and dreadful. Most of the punters we get to play in front of are clearly not into the type of music we play and respond accordingly, hardly inspiring us to give a particularly good performance. Most of our regular crowd witnessed us at the first two gigs and were away at Glastonbury, the weekend of this show. The promoters, who were very nice to us, on reflection, were a tad over ambitious in putting together such a varied show. We were on after a folky minstrel and a drum and bass act (!). It’s hardly likely that all three acts were going to appeal to the crowd on the night and we drew the short straw. Sod’s law being what it is, our performance from this gig has been reviewed badly, by a local rag, which at the best of times serves as nothing more than a flea bitten repository for a small, smug group of self styled, second rate taste makers, all of whom clearly over 30 and trying to be ‘quite punk actually’ by attempting (and failing) to give bands like us a hard time. You know the kind, who hear bad guitar playing and poorly crafted songs and describe them in reviews as ‘angular’ and ‘left of centre’; and an out of tune singer as ‘challenging’, or, deary me, ‘original’. These individuals are mildly amusing, but ultimately tragic. At least our performance wasn’t dire enough to warrant a rave review by these types of twits. Still, we sold CD’s on the night and won over new fans. So, kiss my ass!

Which brings us to the final show at the Exeter Hall. For me personally, it was a very satisfying gig and a great night to end the tour on. The band played well, the sound was excellent, the punters, although small in number, enthusiastic and responsive. More supporters names added to our Treat database.

To summarise, this tour achieved what we had set out to do. Keep The Treat name in the public eye, raise our profile, win over more supporters, sell more records- HMV, Oxford has currently sold out of copies of 'In Technicolor'.

Members of The Treat will be playing a few acoustic Treat shows in the near future, to road test some new material for possible inclusion on the next album. A full line up will be back on the stages of Oxford and the UK very soon. Watch this space. 



Many thanks to all the people who came to see us at The Elm Tree on Monday 18th April. We played to a great, responsive and enthusiastic audience, who inspired us to play really well. It was nice to see we could pack out a venue in our own right, without the help of any support band. We enjoyed playing both sets, along with the delightfully unexpected demand for an encore at the end. It caught us on the hop - we didn't have anything planned so we played 'Silver Eye' a second time - you all loved it anyway!!


  First Set : Too Late/24/7/Bolivian Diary/The Deathday Parties/The Hunger/White Room/Cybernaut/Let's Get Beautiful    (45 mins)

 Second Set : Fanfare For The King/make You Crawl/Agent 555/Roaming/Silver Eye/Effervescence/Erased/Communication Breakdown/Nightclubbing    (50 mins)

Encore : Silver Eye    (5 mins)


Thank you everyone, for your continued support-it's much appreciated! We were booked to play for 45 minutes, but played for nearly an hour, introducing one more brand new song-'Clutching At Jagged Glass'-intended for the next album.

Everyone is now completely familiar with the 'In Technicolor' material and many numbers off this album are now mainstays of our live performances. For example, we didn't intend to play '24/7' or 'Let's Get Beautiful' off the album, but did, to enthusiastic applause.


   Too Late/The Hunger/Jagged Glass/Agent 555/White Room/Black Cat Whites/24/7/Let's Get Beautiful/Make You Crawl/Silver Eye/Effervescence/Nightclubbing

Encore: Don't Think Twice


A big thank you to Graham for booking the band on the strength of our reputation and to the member's of The Who tribute band, 'Who's Next',  for letting us borrow their PA,  helping us get a good sound and letting us play a lengthy set to warm up the audience. Thank you also, to the people who spoke to me before and after the gig, expressing an interest in the band and to all those who witnessed us for the first time and gave us their support.


   Too Late/The Hunger/Roaming/Make You Crawl/Bolivian Diary/Agent 555/Communication Breakdown/Fanfare For The King/Silver Eye/Effervescence/Nightclubbing


Thank you to all the people who came to see us on the last night of the tour and who asked me about the band. We have added all your details to our mailing list and you will be receiving regular updates about the group. For those of you who missed the show, it was one of the best of the recent tour. The band played well and the sound was particularly good.  Below is the set list for the night.


  First Set : Too Late/The Hunger/Roaming/Agent 555/24/7/Cybernaut/Blues/Communication Breakdown    (40 mins)

 Second Set : Fanfare For The King/The Deathday Parties/Let's Get Beautiful/Silver Eye/Effervescence/Erased//Nightclubbing    (45 mins)

1st Encore : Make You Crawl/Agent 555/Communication Breakdown    (15 mins)

2nd Encore : Too Late (5 mins)

For details on upcoming Treat concerts see the gig page.

WINTER 2004/2005

A big thank you to DJ Richard Allen at Skywave radio in London, for play listing 'In Technicolor' as his album of the week for 8 consecutive weeks on his Magazine show, every Wednesday evening, 6 to 8 pm . He played 1 track a week, in the following order : 'Agent 555', 'Don't Think Twice', 'Let's Get Beautiful', 'Hypertonic', 'Rock You' '24/7', 'Nightclubbing' & 'The Hunger'

 'Agent 555' is currently no.1 in the Magazine playlists, which are based on email votes. If you want to see 'Agent 555' stay at number 1, vote for it by emailing Richard Allen on the Magazine show. Details from www.skywave radio.com

Thank you to KAOSFM - World Underground Music Show (AUSTRALIA), for playing 'Burnin'' (March 2005) and again play listing the song in May 2005.


Thank You to all the people who came to the first Rockular Promotions rock night at The Zodiac on the 21st October 2004 and witnessed The Treat in Concert, supported by Molotov and No Right Turn. We have received considerable positive feedback about this gig, and we hope to run another Rockular Promotions night in the new year, somewhere in Oxford.

The Treat performed for an hour, playing many favourites from the 'In Technicolor' CD, along with a number of new tracks, such as 'Too Late', which are fast becoming live favourites.

SET LIST : The Hunger/Agent 555/Don't Think Twice/Too Late/Cybernaut/Let's Get Beautiful/Black Cat Whites/Ziggy Stardust/Make You Crawl/Silver Eye/Effervescence/Erased/Nightclubbing

Note : We would have liked to have included 'Fanfare For The King', but ran out of time, due to the extremely unprofessional conduct of the sound engineer who made us sound check twice (!) and was still incapable of getting us a decent drum sound  (sad twat!).


The Treat  blasted Oxford apart with a triumphant homecoming gig at the Wheatsheaf  on Thursday, August the 5th. This is the fourth time the band have played the venue and this gig was the best by far. The band now have their own female compere introducing them, and from the opening chords of Agent 555, it was non stop, grade A, sweat drenched rock & roll all the way for the next 50 minutes.

 The band mixed established live favourites such as The Hunger & Silver Eye from the 'In technicolor' album, with newer material and added two brand new songs, 'Effervescence' & 'Erased',  to the set.

By the time the closing chords of 'Nightclubbing' rang out, accompanied by the now customary smashing of the guitar,  the band had truly won over the audience.

Oxford is theirs for the taking.

SET LIST : Agent 555/The Hunger/Roaming/The Deathday Parties/Too Late/Silver Eye/Make You Crawl/Effervescence/Erased/Communication Breakdown/Nightclubbing


Series of UK gigs scheduled for the summer and autumn beginning with dates in Oxford and London. Watch this space for further details.



BEDLAM!! Overwhelming positive response to 'In Technicolor' from college radio stations, webzines and selected quarters of the rock press. The album has won the band many new supporters in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Finland, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Israel, Turkey, Columbia, Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina & Chile (Phew!) . British gigs planned for the spring were, understandably,  postponed, while overseas interest, particularly in the US, was taken care of. 



Extensive advance promotion of debut album 'In Technicolor', to radio, TV, press and webzines,  both in the UK and overseas.

TV appearance & series of gigs performed in hometown of Oxford (UK), to celebrate the release of 'In Technicolor'



Final mixes & mastering of the long awaited debut album. No title as yet.

Further gigs across the Midlands and London.

Making a promotional video for 'Agent 555'.

Performing an acoustic version of it live on Channel 6 TV.

Large article about the band in the Oxford Mail.



Extensive gigging all through out England including venues such as The Borderline & The Underworld in London, The Boat Race in Cambridge, The Zodiac in Oxford, Moles Club in Bath, Shed in Leicester, Robin in Dudley, among many others.

In between gigs and other promotional activities, work began in April on the first album, recording of which continued up to the end of the year.