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Embarrassingly, they went to the same school – but we bet THE TREAT have a different view of their old alma mater.    

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'My Old School' is one of THE TREAT's most popular songs

It's from their best selling album 'Lepers & Deities'

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A superb blend of classic rock, proto prog and neo folk. 10 fantastic tracks, from the brilliant opening of 'Trust', the magnificence of 'Bougainvilleaeas In The Sand', the wonderful 'My Old School', and the closing 'Valerie', this is an epic album, with no padding. Every song hits you where it’s meant to, the sound is mighty and as the band’s name suggests, the record is a Treat from start to finish.               JRT (ROCK SOCIETY Magazine).

This richly textured sound, has, across the arc of three previous albums, evolved into THE TREAT’s own distinctive voice, built around the nucleus of Mike Hyder’s adept songwriting. Jazz-folk touches here, acoustic –psych building into raging climaxes there. Whisper it, some of those original prog-rock bands were nowhere near as good as this.                                                                                            Andrew Darlington (R2 Magazine)

Lepers and Deities is the type of album that gets better with each listen, which is the true mark of a great album. The album comes alive with the title song, “Lepers and Deities”, which showcases the band’s full range in both composition and sonic spectrum. Here Hyder’s vocals have a sense of desperation that fits the mood perfectly, and his great production technique where the sound alternates between acoustic guitar chimes and a full arrangement. If you like original and interesting art-rock, this is definitely one to check out.                  Ric Albano (MODERN ROCK REVIEW Webzine)

A smart, unfussy 42 minutes of pop-tinged rootsy rock, Lepers & Deities confirms that this band wear their progressive influences lightly, but adventurous textures and dynamics are integral to frontman Mike Hyder’s compositional vision.                                                       DL (PROG Magazine)

Subversion and hummability go hand in hand on each of the 10 songs here. From the bitter Cockney Rebel-esque ‘Trust’, to the Led Zep III flavoured ‘Headcase Baby’, the album is dominated by themes of fragile, or failed, relationships. A prime example is the Jethro Tull-influenced ‘SPT’ : ‘I’m looking at people that I thought I knew, but it seems they were strangers passing thru’. Hyder is at his most venomous on ‘My Old School’, a sneering snip at his old comprehensive.                                                                                        Geoff Barton  (Editor at Large, CLASSIC ROCK Magazine)

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