MIKE HYDER                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Mike Hyder is a singer, guitarist, songwriter, producer and band leader of the critically acclaimed rock group, The Treat.

In addition to his duties with the band, he is now launching his solo career, with his debut album 'Craftsman'.

For those who like their classic rock, with plenty of prog rock, folk rock, psychedelia and guitar orchestration. 

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Each album contains full colour booklet, with lyrics to all the songs.

Tracklisting: Craftsman, The Rock, Eden, The Organisation (Part 1-7)

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Music Video

 MIKE HYDER 'The Organisation' Part 6 from the album 'CRAFTSMAN'

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MIKE HYDER 'The Organisation' Part 4 from the album 'CRAFTSMAN'

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Sample Tracks

Craftsman (Edit)                The Organisation (Part 7)


R2 Magazine

Half riff-monster. Half rock-god. Totally awesome. This intoxicating strange brew of just four tracks runs to forty nine minutes. Free to play to the max. Totally free. Mike Hyder offers a solo venture of rhymes and reasons and songs for all seasons. Made to be played loud.

- Andrew Darlington

PROG Magazine

A beautifully recorded, lovingly assembled album that unfolds and develops into a work with rock, folk and prog textures.

Grant Moon

Rockulus Maximus Webzine

What is so instantly appealing about this collection is the overall heartbeat and how effortless Hyder makes the proceedings sound. You forget the length of the music as it strolls, runs and occasionally gallops depending on what works the best. Highly recommended for fans of Progressive Rock, Pink Floyd and sunny afternoons where the day is still and calm.

9.5/10 Rockulus Maximus